4 Affiliate SEO Link Building Techniques 4 Affiliate SEO Link Building Techniques

4 Affiliate SEO Link Building Techniques

Discover how SEO and affiliate marketing can make the perfect combo for incredible links!

As we established a few weeks ago, the links on your website, be they internal or external, play a major role in how your platform is ranked. You are tested for how well different content pages are connected on your website and how well you manage to play with others in your online community or niche market.

As always, there is also the question of whether you have partners or partners in crime. We do not attempt to cheat our clients or Google over here.

Creating a solid domain authority is not easy to conquer, but it is more than doable. You need to make sure you have the right plan and tools laid out in front of you.

Let’s start building your best affiliate backlinks right now!

Start with Networking

Create powerful dynamics with other website owners for the best effect.

Choosing the right people (or platforms) can make a big difference for your online presence. If you manage to land a guest spot or backlink from a reliable, well-known source in your niche, that can quickly help you skyrocket onto a guru level. If you can manage to get your target audience to view you as a force to be reckoned with, or at least an authority figure, that could mean more traffic coming your way.

Affiliate SEO is not just about stuffing your website with keywords or choosing the perfect images to accompany the articles you put on your blog.

You have to fight for your place in some highly competitive niche markets before you can make your claim to fame. Make sure you give your potential partners’ websites a thorough background check before you tie your platform with theirs. Your reputation is only as good as the company you keep. It was true back when you were in school, and it is still true today.

Get Yourself on that List

Santa reading a list. Naughty or Nice, Google and Santa both root for the same team

Directories also take up a big part of getting a better SEO ranking. Many directories list hundreds of web pages without giving their target audience any real value. That is not a place you would want to put your website on.

There are, however, trustworthy directories that allow you to post a link to your website on them. Not only that, but they offer your potential clients an abundance of relevant, helpful information. Getting on a noteworthy directory can further help index your website on major search engines, contributing to your overall domain authority score.

As always, it is vital that you do your due diligence before committing to another website rather than jumping the gun and putting your Affiliate SEO score at risk. While it may take a few weeks longer than you would like to find your perfect match, at least you will not watch all your hard work go down the drain.

“You are tested for how well different content pages are connected on your website and how well you manage to play with others in your online community or niche market.”

Check out Your Competitors

Man peeking at another man's computer screen. It's OK if you want to check out what your competitors are up to

Not sure where your competitors link up their websites – or with whom? This next solution is going to put an end to these burning questions. With popular tools such as the Common Backlinks Tools, you can see that other competing businesses use the most backlinks in your niche market.

And what exactly are you going to do with that kind of information?

You are going to contact those websites’ owners and ask for their backlink prices. There is no reason as to why your competitors should be the only ones enjoying such an excellent opportunity to reach more of their potential customers and not you.

By using this variety of spy tools, you can maintain your pace against your biggest competition. You either drop the ball before the actual competition even starts, or you step up and watch your website on Google and other major search engines skyrocket along with your affiliate SEO ranking.

Raise Them from the Dead

Zombie hand rising from grave. Dead-end backlinks have no business roaming your website

We bet you never assumed necromancy was part of your affiliate marketing duties, but here we are. One of the biggest issues affiliates encounter is dead-end links that lead to 404 pages rather than the intended ones. These situations are usually the results of a website relaunch or one that has migrated to a different domain.

If you ever need to recover your dead backlinks, here are some practices you can use (no Ouija board required).

First of all, you have several tools at your disposal designed to identify any dead-end backlinks, from the Link Juice Recovery Tool and Wikipedia’s Wikigrabber. These tools can assist you in finding no-follow backlinks or erroneous pages (timeout or invalid access issues). Then you can either fix the links or redirect them to existing, functioning pages.

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