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Like all new ventures, going into an unknown niche can be intimidating. Though there’s some considerable moolah in this industry, it also comes with quite a risk if you’re not careful. We’re talking about a business that will require sharp wit and being savvy regarding your product, while also being in tune with your target audience’s wants and needs.

We’ve gathered 5 tips pro affiliates swear by to help you relax, and get better traffic and conversion rate while you’re at it.

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1. Money Shouldn’t Be Your Only Goal

Pro affiliates recommend focusing on short term goals first on your journey to achieving long term goals.

Newbie publishers tend to approach their business as their personal version of The Amazing Race. While some do make insane amounts of money every month, it’s not like they’re spending their time picking it up off the floor.

While you may not have to run around a Colombian village under the blazing sun carrying a live chicken to your destination point, there is quite a bit of work involved in achieving your goals of becoming a successful publisher.

Whether we are speaking of business or your life, your biggest goal should be doing what you love – and loving what you do. As long as you feel fulfilled, you will stay driven to continue on a journey that revolves around many instances of trial and error until you get it right. Focusing on money will leave you burned out before you even head out the door to your first meeting with a client.

2. Plan Ahead Before Getting to Work

Reach your business' full potential by learning as many affiliate marketing tips as you can.

Jumping right in might be tempting, but you are risking jumping headfirst into an empty pool. To avoid painful and awkward mistakes that could be difficult to recover from later, sit down and choose at 1-3 big long term goals. These aspirations could range from bringing $150,000 a year in sales to becoming one of the top 10 online publishers in the fintech industry within 3-4 years.

Then, break each big, long term goal into several smaller short term goals. If your goal is to become a big name in the fintech industry, there are several steps you will have to go through. First, get a website up and running. Then, produce quality content using SEO best practices and gain a steady online following.

Lastly, join an affiliate marketing network for proper allocation of said traffic for maximum results.

3. Never Stop Learning

Perhaps our tip is that you stay open to learning even when you’re 15 years deep into your career as a publisher. Being proud and carrying yourself as if you already know everything will not only stunt your growth and your chances of improving – it may turn people off from collaborating with you.

We warmly recommend reading up online on topics that could make or break your business, such as proper use of keywords, features that could boost your conversion rate, which freebies work best for fintech verticals. The sky’s the limit, and there is an abundance of skills you could greatly benefit from having.

4. Check Out The Competition

Although some competition is healthy, there’s more to your competitors than merely trying to overshadow them. You can learn from them quite a bit, like what services or promotions they offer their clients, how they address them, etc. You’re only as strong as your best efforts to stand out, which could be a serious challenge in this industry.

Keeping tabs on them by occasionally visiting their websites and reviewing their posts on social media can give you a strong indication of what works best for them. This doesn’t mean you should shamelessly copy them. We suggest that you find inspiration in their content and marketing strategy so that you can keep up with current trends and develop your independent style.

5. Build A Name For Yourself

Two business men are shaking hands while looking directly into the camera.

After you’ve applied the first 4 tips, you should also build a reputation for yourself. You can achieve that in a few ways, from producing excellent content to attending networking events and conferences where both advertisers and other publishers will be present (COVID-19 permitting, of course).

Be kind, mind your manners, and be sure to win them over with a bulletproof pitch. If you convey professionalism and knowledge in their verticals, you could very well land a deal or two while you’re there.

We recommend reaching out to other publishers with offers of collaboration if you think the two of you could benefit from partnering up.

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