5 Top Affiliate SEO Marketing Tips

Affiliate SEO Tricks that will land Your Website in The Top Search Results

Get ROI Collective’s exclusive guide to SEO best practices and apply it to make your business thrive.

Search Engine Optimization (more commonly known as SEO) is a comprehensive marketing-oriented method, which helps websites rank higher on search engines such as Google. When done right, websites can reach the very top of the search results. If you don’t implement the tips we’re about to share with you below.. Oof. You could bet your bottom dollar that not many people are going to stumble across your website anytime soon.

If you’re ready to start using SEO and affiliate marketing to your advantage and get more traffic, read our 5 top tips below!

1. Use Your Main Keyword Right off the Bat

When you choose a topic for your next article, you also need to pair it with proper keywords. Picking the right keyword to star in your piece could have you topping the search engines’ top results.

For example, if your topic is trading on the global market online, your main keyword should be ‘online trading’ or trading FX online’. Another example is crypto trading, where your main keyword could be ‘Bitcoin trading’.

Make sure to use this keyword in your main header, and again once every 200 words for the best SEO and affiliate marketing results.

2. Get Creative, Stay Unique

Don't be afraid of getting creative with your website

If this guide isn’t your first attempt at trying to understand what SEO best practices are and how to implement them, then you’ve probably come across the words quality content. But what is it that makes quality content?

High-level content is a piece (or several) that is interesting enough to draw traffic, as well as engaging to keep your audience hungry for more. That means you have to keep your readers on the edge of their seats. That requires that you can stay creative and produce your own materials.

Plagiarism is not a tactic we condone here at ROI Collective, and neither do our friends at Google.

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Apparently, there’s this little thing called image SEO. Images are a great way to boost your affiliate SEO ranking by adding alt texts in your code. These texts provide two significant benefits, as they appear even if your images take a while to load, and they support readers with visual disabilities.

Pictures are also great at drawing your audience to reading your articles or blog posts and breaking up long texts. People are visual beings, so consider images with bright colors and convey a friendly or engaging tone – depending on your niche or topic.

4. Optimize Your Website’s Loading Time

No one wants to wait forever for your affiliate marketing platform to load

Does your website take forever to load? Well, your audience probably wouldn’t stick around long enough to see everything you have to offer. Nowadays, everything is available to us at a breakneck pace, and whoever can’t keep up with our need for speed loses the race.

So, how can you improve your loading time? First, use a speed test to determine whether your platform is lagging behind. If it does, start by reducing HTTP (AKA Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests. More requests of connections to a web server for images directly translate into too many demands on a limited time frame. Unused files and code scripts can also delay your pages’ loading times.

5. Track Your Performance

Working smart pays off way better than working hard

Performing well is half the work when it comes to affiliate SEO. Tracking your performance is what will help your business in the long run. By closely monitoring how many newcomers and returning readers are visiting your website, as well as the number of people who then subscribe to the services you’re promoting, you will get a sense of just how well you’re doing.

To track your performance, you can use several different tools such as Google Analytics or the Google Search Console. The latter platform allows you to see what queries brought your audience to your website, as well as your impressions, clicks, and ranking on Google search.

This helpful tool will further alert you of any bugs that need to be fixed and help you get your website on the map.

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