7 Things You wish Someone had told You about Affiliate Marketing

Our affiliate marketing experts gathered the 7 things affiliates say they wish they knew before they set foot on the scene.

More often than not, people get roped into affiliate programs without realizing what they have gotten themselves into. They either watch experienced affiliate marketers or get sucked into scams that promise them an overnight rags to riches transformation. Either way, many find themselves blinded by unrealistic expectations involving sipping margaritas on a deserted, white sand beach somewhere exotic.

Thinking of getting into the industry? Read our list of key concepts before you dive in!

1. It isn't a Walk in The Park

Scary gorilla statue in the middle of a jungle

Many scam operations trying to recruit new affiliates by promising them easy access to lots of money – and large sums of it, too. Newbies often assume that they can just do affiliate marketing via their personal Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts without having to put any real effort into it.

The assumption isn't all their fault, however. Many scam operations promise overnight riches to make the recruitment process easier, and when you're a student or just struggling to make ends meet you become an easy target.

2. Certain Skills are absolutely Necessary

Putting in effort is great, but do you have the must-have skills? To keep your affiliate marketing platform in check, you will need to acquire make or break skills such as knowledge in SEO, how to properly build and adjust your campaigns, and how to correctly measure your business’ overall success.

Before you jump into the marketing game, make sure you have basic knowledge of how to successfully run your web-based business. But the work doesn't stop there. These are skills you will have to maintain and explore as you go along. Before you jump into the marketing game, make sure you have basic knowledge of how to successfully run your web-based business. But the work doesn't stop there. These are skills you will have to maintain and explore as you go along.

3. Target Audience, Who?

Choose your target audience wisely

How well do you think you know your target audience? Are they goal-oriented young adults in their early twenties, or are they +30 year olds who are looking to generate a secondary income for themselves?

A vital part of any venture is in-depth knowledge and being well-acquainted with the people to whom you're offering your service. You have to know which of their needs draws them to your service, and how it can solve their problems.

4. Finding The Right Approach

Your approach can make or break your affiliate marketing business

Healthy mind, healthy body. Sounds familiar?

Your approach to business shouldn't be different. Be sure to maintain a healthy mindset to ensure the health of your business. That means you know when to stop and break away from your desk. Whether you need to dedicate an hour to mediate with your favorite incense or watch an episode or two of Peaky Blinders, me time isn't something you should part ways with.

Approach your business in a calm yet confident state of mind. This mentality will help you look at your performance with a critical eye without giving in to panic. While being emotional from time to time is perfectly natural, you don't want your emotions to get the best of you.

5. Making Adjustments

Only those who are able to adapt to new data and respond appropriately will succeed. When you A/B test a new campaign or simply track your performance, try to have a backup plan ready to use.

Don't have a plan B ready?

Then you will need to focus and come up with a new idea or two on the spot. This will happen more often than not, which is where your ability to think on your feet will truly prove itself. Your affiliate marketing success heavily depends on your creative abilities as much as it depends on your flexibility.

6. Find Your Inspiration

Sometimes, finding new sources of inspiration can become quite a difficult task. At some point, you may even feel as though you have exhausted every source on the market. Staying creative is often easier said than done.

One of your best options is to keep tabs on your peers and top competitors. That way, you can see what others are up to and what seems to be working for them. With a wide range of features such lead magnets (eBooks, signup bonuses, etc'..) and testimonials, you are bound to find an aspect that will work for you.

7. Build Your Schedule

Woman wearing glasses, looking at her work calendar

Calendars and schedules are great in helping stay on track with major events like Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, or Boxing Day. These are also wonderful tools for keeping track and setting plans for your daily, weekly, or monthly plans.

Build an excel sheet and decide on the frequency of your blog posts and social media posts, and check your favorite search engine to decipher when would be best to upload them. Creating a realistic regimen will assist you in staying focused rather than have you scrambling 2-3 times a week because you forgot to upload a post.

Build your affiliate marketing base the right way with our helpful how-to guides here!


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