Affiliate Programs vs. Affiliate Networks

Using The Right Setup To Monetize Your Traffic

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This innovative approach to affiliate marketing just might put affiliate marketing programs out of work.

Nowadays, it seems like almost every other company has an affiliate marketing program. New affiliates might feel overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of programs available. However, the more experienced affiliates may be tired of dealing with problems revolving around outstanding payments and companies unwilling to share real-time results. Some days, you just want to throw in the towel.

There is, however, another way to go about this.

A method where affiliates don’t feel like every day is an uphill battle, and the companies can rest assured that they are receiving the traffic they paid for - the affiliate network.

Keep reading below why you should switch over to an affiliate marketing network today!

1. What’s an Affiliate Network, Anyway?

What’s an Affiliate Network, Anyway?

Usually, one company’s brand affiliate program consists of having contracts with several affiliates. Most companies reward the affiliates using one of two popular payout models, Cost per Action (CPA) or Cost per Lead (CPL).

If a company pays the publisher per CPL, then the affiliate is rewarded for every lead’s registration if the latter is qualified to receive the service.

When compensating the affiliate per the CPA model, the company will pay the affiliate per the fully verified client’s deposit. In other words, the lead completed both the registration and identity verification processes.

Unlike your run of the mill affiliate marketing programs, the affiliate marketing network consists of three parties on a much larger scale: the brand, the affiliate, and the affiliate manager as the mediator. This ensures that each of the original parties’ best interests are being considered while the affiliate manager remains unbiased.

2. What are Common Issues with Affiliate Programs?

As discussed above, brand affiliate programs are usually placed under the care of an affiliate manager who is an in-house employee of the brand, which means that its best interest drives them. While that’s fair, affiliates repeatedly find themselves feeling like they have to fend for themselves in a he said, she said type of argument.

This goes hand in hand with a lack of transparency regarding a campaign’s actual results or a demand for more fresh leads when the previous ones hadn’t received appropriate attention.

These clashes frequently translate to arguments over whether the affiliate should get paid for the traffic they had sent over.

Such instances cause tension and frustration for the affiliates as well as the brands involved.

3. How do Affiliate Marketing Networks overcome Them?

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The affiliate marketing network nips many, if not all, of the problems mentioned above in the bud.

After an often-strict application process, the network selects the affiliates who have the highest potential to successfully collaborate with its brands. This part ensures the affiliates are well-equipped and their traffic matches the needs of brands.

4. A Dedicated Affiliate Manager

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The affiliate managers create healthy relationships between the affiliates and brands in three ways.

Matchmaking. The affiliate manager finds the affiliate’s traffic a perfect match by working with the network’s account manager, representing the advertisers’ side.

Surveillance. They will also check up on the affiliate’s running campaigns to ensure the traffic quality and the promised conversion rate.

Mediation. Should the affiliate encounter a delay in payment, the affiliate manager will intervene on their behalf and speak to the brand’s representatives.

The affiliate manager is one way the network can avoid the usual struggles affiliates face when joining various programs.

5. A Rich Marketplace

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Another option is where the companies choose the affiliates from a marketplace feature, where each affiliate has a profile detailing their services and type of traffic. Working with a unique dashboard, each company can manage the affiliates, set commission structures, and run an affiliate marketing program.

The affiliates, on the other hand, can view the different brands and review their offers. This isn’t just highly effective in finding one’s business match, but it also saves valuable time.

6. A Variety of Marketing Methods

Rather than focus on just one marketing method, such as a blog that consists of reviews of goods and services or email marketing, the network allows publishers who use different techniques to find advertisers looking for their specific traffic.

    The marketing methods can include:
  • Mailing lists
  • Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc’..)
  • eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Websites

An affiliate will often choose one method such as a website, blog, or YouTube channel, depending on his niche or target audience. He is likely to use social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to promote his main platform and best practices.

ROI Collective: An Affiliate Marketing Network That Empowers Affiliates

Established in 2016, ROI Collective is a force to be reckoned with in the fintech industry. This affiliate marketing network works with some of the biggest names and leading affiliates in the market, creating and maintaining profitable collaborations as a third party. The company shortens processes, helps set up business accounts on different platforms such as social media, and runs on a system that is based on CPA.

ROI Collective’s power is conveyed through its mentality, which encourages working hard to achieve one’s goals.

First, a team of dedicated affiliate managers assists affiliates around the clock and helps create the optimal match between them and the brands. Once the two parties have decided to work together, ROI Collective team members offer their mentorship and mediation services.

By having two account management teams, one for publishers and one for advertisers, ROI Collective can ensure that these two parties’ match is precise. The allocation of traffic then delivers high conversion rate and return on investments.

Register below and join ROI Collective’s one of a kind affiliate marketing network!


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