How to create Your Best Affiliate Marketing Banner How to create Your Best Affiliate Marketing Banner

How to create Your Best Affiliate Marketing Banner

Discover our simple guide to building effective affiliate banners!

We have been heavily discussing different creative material types over the course of the past few months, but we are still going. As important as the other parts of your business can be, quite a bit of your strategy should also touch upon the more creative side of things. After all, you are dealing with and trying to sell to human beings.

Today’s agenda will discuss how to create your best banner ads. These ads are also known as Google display ads and feature colorful still or dynamic images in order to capture the wandering eye of your target audience as they scroll through the endless pages of the internet.

Learn how to create your best Google display ad yet by reading the article below!

The Offer

Make sure your offer is strong enough to draw in the right affiliate leads.

We cannot stress this enough, but what you offer is the most vital part of your banner. Not only will it present one deal or another to your potential clients, but it could very much affect how the affiliate marketing banner will convey your affiliate business’ core messages whether in writing or within your visuals.

The offering must be tailored to your target audience’s wants and needs. Does your product or service solve any of their age group’s common issues (wanting to earn or save more money, eating or sleeping better, etc..)? Or can it help them achieve a certain personal goal sooner if they choose to purchase your offer?

The better you can answer these questions, the more likely you are to convert more affiliate marketing leads into loyal customers. This means your message has to be crystal clear, so that it can reduce the amount of irrelevant leads to a minimum.

The Visuals

Perhaps, one of the most discussed topics on our blog is the visual aspect of your affiliate marketing campaign. You could have the best deal on the market, but if your affiliate marketing banner does not pop out on your clientele’s usual feed it will not get you very far in terms of performance. You need to get out of your comfort zone if you are getting paid per lead of per FTD or sale.

As always, it is crucial that you take into consideration any aspects of culture and your target audience’s other sensibilities. If your client base is mostly vegan by default, you would not want to present any food related items that might offend them. The same sentiment goes towards anything to do with their religion or belonging to different ethnic groups.

Consider the different things that interest your group in order to draw more of them onto the banner, be it celebrities, trending diets or training programs, electronic devices, etc.

The Funnel Method

The funnel method is the best way to increase lead generation and sales.

The best way to both increase your affiliate marketing banner’s lead generation rate and its conversion rate is to use the funnel method. This method takes you from raising awareness to your product or service and zooming on the actual sale or FTD per your specific niche market.

The first step would be to reach as many relevant affiliate marketing leads as possible via their shared interest, geographic locations, and other attributes that set them apart from other groups. After you have managed to achieve this segmentation type of goal, your next step would be to create a flow that guides them to the coveted payment or registration page.

You could reduce irrelevant signups or FTDs from lower-value players using the funnel method. It may take a bit of time to perfect this method, but once you do, your performance is more likely to soar and bring you closer to your long-term goals.

Staying Flexible

Go with the flow for the best results on your campaigns.

Making creative materials is all about rolling with the punches. Your affiliate marketing banner could encounter issues left and right, whether they have to do with regulatory laws on online platforms or per geo-locations, or with changes in the latest trends. Being stubborn about what you think should work when your campaign’s results suggest otherwise will do nothing to cater to your desired performance.

While we are not suggesting that you abandon everything you have done so far on a whim, we encourage you to explore new tactics to get the results you want. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and the affiliate marketing industry is no stranger to this sentiment.

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