Not Gaining Enough Traffic? Here Are 6 Quick Fixes You Can Apply

Learn how you can easily increase the traffic to your website with our helpful tips!

So, you've got your website or blog up and running, but it's attracting very few leads or a lot of them who aren't converting the way you'd like them to. New affiliates tend to think that merely having a website instantly means they would be rolling in the money without having to put in any hard work.

The truth is, it isn't about hard work.

You have to work smart rather than hard to get your website off the ground.
To attract traffic that is both blessed with quantity and quality, you'll need to provide potential leads with quality content that appeals to them. Otherwise, you just might be wasting precious time - and theirs.

Read our top 6 quick remedies to a lackluster website below!

1. Choose Your Target Audience

The very first step is to determine who is your target audience. This initial part of the process requires you to create a character with all of their attributes like their age range, country of residence, line of work, interests, and how they carry themselves in business or in their private lives.

You also need to figure out what needs does your product or service answer. For example, are they looking for a side hustle to generate a secondary source of income? Or, do they plan to leave their current day job and find a new line of work or investment that can allow them to quit at some point?

By zooming in on this imaginary person, you can create content that will appeal to them and their goals. This step is crucial to your success as an affiliate, as you should be able to tap into your average client's mind.

Great content is measured based on three main aspects:

  • Emotion
  • Practical Value
  • Social Currency

It can be challenging to tick all three off your list, but we believe the first two are the most vital to creating engaging content that hooks your audience.

2. Use Attractive Headlines

First impressions may be shallow, but your headlines' level of attractiveness is what will make your audience read your article or continue scrolling away from it. While clickbait has gotten a bad reputation, it is what often works best.

Your headlines should be short, eye-catching, and give your readers a taste of your article that piques their interest. A good headline will incorporate the 3 aspects we listed in the previous section, giving as much information as necessary without fully revealing the deck of cards in your hand.

3. Create Content That Will Stay Relevant

While it's always advisable to keep up with the trends, we don't recommend allowing it to overpower your blog. You think it's a great way to attract hot leads, but in the long run, you might find yourself losing your regular audience. Even worse, your content might drown in the vast number of other websites discussing the very same topics as you.

As an affiliate, you will need to provide long-form, evergreen content, which web-based search engines like Google seem to favor. Those topics can range from how-to guides to reviews on brokers or brands often asked about in relevant forums.

Trends should be used wisely and whenever necessary to show your audience you're up to date on your market's hottest news.

4. Go for the SEO

Great content isn't measured by how engaging it is but in proper structure and readability. The latter applies both to your readers and leading search engines. Proper use of keywords will help your content rank higher on search engine results and make your blog easier to find when researching your specific field.

Research your niche's best performing keywords. We recommend using tools such as BuzzSumo and SEMRush and check out your competition for their preferred keywords.

Hyperlinks to other articles on your website are equally important on the leads' journey. External links should be used sparingly and only to informative sources unless you collaborate with a specific brand.

5. Stick to Your Schedule

Creating a consistent schedule for uploading content to your platform can bring you closer to achieving your goals. Posting on a schedule will get you into the habit of creating content regularly. Depending on your chosen market, we suggest posting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Once you've accomplished that, you can consider creating and uploading your content on a semi-daily or daily basis.

Tie it in with social media posts and stories with the URLs whenever your new blog posts are up to drive in more new clients and your subscribers.

While going for a day-to-day structure could greatly benefit your platform by attracting more leads, you should be aware of the avoidable pitfalls. Creating high-quality content daily is quite a challenge. Although it isn't impossible, it's very easy to start producing posts just so you'd have something up.

6. Does Your Website Got The Look?

Being informative is a wonderful attribute for your website to have the right look. According to Taylor & Francis Online, you only have 50 seconds to make a lasting impression on the people coming onto your website. This is something that will make you want to invest in a good-looking design. The right layout and color scheme will convey a sense of trustworthiness to your readers and make it easy on the eyes compared to a harsh black and white only scheme.

You will also have to make sure your design is responsive.

That means your website looks right and is easy to read on various electronic devices other than your PC or MAC desktop computer. These include anything from smartphones to tablets. This aspect is especially as one in five Americans strictly uses their smartphone to browse the internet.

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