Tap into Your Target Audience’s Psychology and drive up Your Conversion Rate

Tap into Your Target Audience’s Psychology and drive up Your Conversion Rate

Discover how you can better connect with your leads and increase your affiliate conversion rate with simple, easy-to-use psychological tricks!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an affiliate marketer in possession of a platform must be in want of a better conversion rate. Now that we are done rephrasing Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the critical meaning behind this statement is that any affiliate who has gotten into the game is in a mindset that is driven by his aspirations of achieving higher results and, thus, better payouts.

That’s your state of mind, but what about your target audience?

Naturally, psychology plays a vital role in any marketing strategy, be it affiliate marketing oriented or not. Your ads have to connect with an innate instinct to resonate with the wants or fears that will make your leads convert as soon as humanly possible. This becomes especially true when you are only doing digital marketing and do not have a call center where telemarketers build and nurture a relationship with your potential clients. There are, however, a number of effective ways of going about convincing your target audience to subscribe to your service.

Learn how to boost your conversion rate with the helpful affiliate marketing tips below!

Say It with Colors

Colorful powders exploding

One of the most significant psychological triggers is colors, as each color has its own association. For example, it is no coincidence that giants like Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal all chose blue for their brand’s primary color. Blue comes across as calm, reliable, and as you may have guessed it by now – it’s almost everybody’s favorite color. Social and psychological studies dating back to the 1940’s have been proving time and time again that blue always gets first place.

According to a survey with 30,000 participants from 100 different countries, a particular shade of greenish-blue was nominated the top choice.

Other great options include black, white, grey, and pastels. We suggest you stir away from harsh neons, red and brown.

The image says It All

As an addition to the previous point, given that people are visual creatures, it is highly recommended to use images throughout your website and across your campaigns. The images should fit your niche and create a sense of familiarity with your target audience to drive up your conversion rate.

If your market or industry of choice is the online trading community, it may be a good idea to use elements that resonate with that. You could use graphs showing upward or downward trends relating to popular stocks or well-known currency pairs (Think euro versus the American dollar).

Try avoiding images that are too bleak, as they could turn people off your brand or services.

Get That First Yes

Woman peeks over sign saying Yes

Getting your leads to comply with the first step is, perhaps, the most challenging part of any conversion journey. This step could be any action from them leaving you their contact details, opening an account, to making their first deposit with you. Once you manage to conquer that initial milestone, the rest of the way is usually somewhat easier.

Clients are more likely to trust you and agree to other offers or demands you may throw their way once you get past that first hurdle.

That does not excuse any slacking off on your part. As an affiliate marketer, you have to remain as convincing as you were during your first encounter with a potential lead.

The Anchoring Effect

Anchoring effect: An anchors lies on the ocean floor

First impressions can affect consumers, as it is easier to remember the first and last items on a list than those that came in between them. Moreover, clients are more likely to use the first product or service they come across as a point of reference, comparing anything that comes afterward to them.

This is often referred to as the anchoring effect.

Make sure your target audience stumble across your top ticket offers first. Even if they end up going for a slightly less pricey service, they are still likely to convert with another offer than none at all.

Getting Emotional

Use your leads’ emotions to increase your conversion rates

At times, it seems as though our emotional side gets the best of us – especially when it comes to consumerism. It may sound illogical or improbable, but in reality, it has been proven that many of our decisions are not made by the practical side of our brain. Still, our emotional side is the one dominating us.

The emotions you will choose to convey in your ads are the same ones that will convince your leads to take the plunge with your services. Whether you want to strum on your potential leads’ feelings of joy or their deepest fears, you got a way into the psychological trigger that will drive them to make that first-time deposit with you.

Are you on the hunt for more of our tips and tricks to increasing your performance? Get ’em here!


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