The Highest converting GEOs Worldwide for Affiliate traffic The Highest converting GEOs Worldwide for Affiliate traffic

The Highest converting GEOs Worldwide for Affiliate traffic

Discover the top countries you need to target and achieve the best traffic optimization results right now!

A comprehensive digital marketing plan is comprised of several influential aspects, which range from the actual service, the platforms you promote it on, your target audience, etc. Each part is essential in its own right and plays a significant role in how you might build your strategy. All features should work together harmoniously to achieve the desired effect of an outstanding overall performance.

The GEO locations (countries) you target can also significantly impact your results, as different geographical areas offer other hunting grounds. Even inside each tier, significant differences in religion, culture, and way of life affect these affiliate leads day-to-day activities.

Dive into the hottest GEOs right now with us below!


First up are none others than our mates down under.

First up is a continent that its eastern area originally served as an exile spot for Great Britain’s convicted felons back in 1770: Australia. This continent has come a long way since and is one of the most advanced countries in tier 1. Despite ASIC’s strict regulatory guidelines, this is still a highly desired GEO, and many brands are willing to pay a pretty penny for its leads.

So, what makes Australia a great place for affiliate traffic? Australia has about 40 universities, 6 of which made it to the top 100 worldwide in 2021. Moreover, over 40% of people between the ages of 24 and 34 had a bachelor's degree or higher. The access to higher education and high employment rate indicate the average population may not be considered rich but are well off. The average annual wage in Australia? About $83,910.4.

In addition, despite the pandemic, the unemployment rate only rose to 4.6% in September 2021. This movement translates into an increase of less than 2.5% year-on-year.

“The GEO locations (countries) you target can also significantly impact your results, as different geographical areas offer other hunting grounds.”


The Germans are known for their serious demeanor, but they still offer incredible conversion rates.

Next up is one of the Eurozone’s leading countries, Germany. This country is well-known for encouraging its citizens to seek higher education by giving them incentives such as a student salary and charge-free university admission. This innovative move does not merely set young adults in the right direction but also provides them with every necessary tool you could imagine for their success.

In 2021 alone, there was an increase of 3.5% in the number of people who were deemed qualified to enter regular universities or those of applied sciences. This leap translates into 395,000 students. Additionally, this affiliate traffic group’s national employment rate also rose to 76.7% that year, which may seem surprising given the effects of covid-19 on the job market worldwide. The average salary stands at $49,876 a year.

The changes mentioned above are great indicators of a socio-economically healthy country setting the stage for more educated, employed adults who have access to the right opportunities.

The United Kingdom

The Brexit may have ruffled some feathers, but these affiliate traffic leads are still piping hot.

Third in line is the one that got away and managed to exit the European Union a few years ago: the UK. The Brexit took quite a hit on the financial markets when the news broke out, declaring the United Kingdom’s intention to avoid supporting the less than stellar economies in weaker countries at the time.

Like its predecessors on our list, this country also enjoys financial stability. This GEO location has successfully avoided grand financial trouble during the past 3 years under covid-19’s reign of terror. The UK maintained an employment rate of 75.5% in 2021, marking a nice increase from the previous year, which stood at 74.9%. This country is also well-known for its top universities, and at least 50% of people between the ages of 30-34 possess a higher degree.

The average salary is estimated at $48,853 a year, with Londoners hitting above the mark with an annual salary of $53,164. The better their overall pay, the more disposable income they can spend on subscribing to services like yours.

The Netherlands

Closing our top 4 GEOs are the Netherlands, so make sure you check them out.

Last is the Netherlands, which is sometimes known as Holland informally. This country hails from Western Europe and has constituents in the Caribbean. Despite maintaining its status as the European Union’s second most populated country, this country is also known for coming in fifth place on the World’s Happiness Index of 2021.

The Netherlands’ average annual wage is estimated at $56,548, which places it as the third best-paying country globally. As for higher education, 78% of the population between the ages of 25-64 have completed upper secondary education of some form. About 81.6% of the population was employed in the third quarter of 2021.

Many of them speak English, making this affiliate traffic and target audience easy to access as an affiliate marketer who is not fluent in the local European tongues.

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