How to build the Right Client Journey with Email Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to maximize your player value by constructing your affiliate email based client journey correctly

Imagine you had one tool with which you could touch base with your clients from the moment they became hot leads till it was time for their second or third deposit. A tool that could also serve as a way to reconnect with dormant clients who haven’t been active in weeks or even months.

But, wait. Isn’t that what email automation is all about?

According to Epsilon and eMarketer, automated emails get 119% higher click rates and enjoy conversion rates of up to 50%. In other words, you would be mad not to implement email marketing into your affiliate marketing strategy.

In this straightforward and simple guide, we intend to teach you how to build the optimal client journey.

Read our guide to email marketing below, and send your player value soar!

1. Full Verification First

Sometimes, leads sign up without fully verifying their accounts. This usually translates into missing contact information, identifying documents, or no first-time deposit (FTD). This is the stage where you send a pre-welcome email to invite your leads to take the final step to set up their accounts.

The sooner this email comes in your email affiliate marketing journey, the better.

That way, your leads don’t get the chance to cool off on you. The more time passes after a lead had left his contact information, the easier it is for him to lose interest – or worse, move onto your biggest competitor.

While this isn't the only instance in which you would have to remind your potential clients why they were interested in your services in the first place, this is one of the more crucial moments in the overall acquisition process.

2. Deposits Ahead

Have your leads registered but haven’t made their first deposit yet? They might be suffering from a case of cold feet. After a day or two, it’s best if you have an automated email sent to them telling why they shouldn’t miss their chance of becoming clients of your service.

This is somewhat of a sore spot because you don't want to come off as someone who is demanding that they give you money. The smart way is to go about it is by showing them that stalling or remaining inactive is not in their best interest. You could offer them a limited offer on a bonus or mention a lucrative trading opportunity to draw them in.

For maximum effect, make sure to point out your product or service’s key selling points (KSPs), like the fact that your live trading signals are sent twice a day via email or SMS and have an accuracy of 97.3% or higher.

Don’t butter them up. All you have to do is remind them why they considered subscribing back when they filled the registration form.

3. Offers by The Dozen

Gift wrapped in black paper and a golden bow sitting on a desk

Just like in romance, you have to keep your connection with your audience alive. While you won't be creating one-on-one candle-lit dinners complete with a violinist, you still got some wooing to do.

According to your acquaintance and experience in targeting your audience, you will decide what kind of offer you'd like to offer them. This can be anything from a match-up bonus or a freebie like an eBook. You need to find the right thing to give to your leads to convince them to fully register and put in that first deposit.

This email affiliate marketing method comes in handy when you want to recruit those second-and third-time deposits, or when your KSPs have not been able to knock your leads’ socks off.

4. Don’t let Them Ghost You

Office chair disappears inside a room

A common issue is when a lead sets up an account but doesn't make the FTD. In worse cases, he or she funded their accounts and left the account without ever touching it again. It's almost as if they have managed to disappear into thin air.

Instances such as this one are often the reason why many advertisers reserve the right to either issue a refund or deduct a penalty for inactivity or lack of identifying documents.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it's best to have an automated email that will be sent after a week or two of inactivity. Remind your leads why they registered, or better yet, take our previous tip and make them an offer they can't refuse.

Sometimes, people question whether they need a certain service, and it's your job to tackle that as an affiliate.

5. The All-Powerful Thank You Note

The words thank you written on a typewriter

Affiliate marketing is more than just attracting your target audience. You need to nurture your bond with them and gain their trust by conveying reliability.

A congratulatory note comes in handy when they merely register. It's helping them keep track of opening their accounts, and what they have been signing up for.

If your lead converted, the positive affirmation will help you seem more reliable in two major ways. One, you are confirming that they did indeed fund their account with you. This means they are less likely to suspect you were only after their money. Two, you building a relationship, even if it is via an automated email.

Are you ready for more of our guides and to take your email affiliate marketing based business to the next level? Start here!


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