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The publishers, or affiliates, are owners of affiliate marketing platforms such as mobile apps, blogs, niche websites, YouTube channels, or social media platforms that have an existing audience. They can collaborate with companies by reviewing products and giving referral links that track sales or signups or by partaking in promotional campaigns. Our cutting-edge technology makes it easier to track and optimize your campaigns performance, thus increasing their conversion rates. The ROI Collective network provides a platform where our affiliates collaborate with noteworthy brands on promoting reliable, top quality products.


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The advertisers are companies who offer products or services and are interested in reaching a larger audience and thus increasing their sales. They will partner up with affiliates that are already targeting the desired markets and compensate them per their performance. With our groundbreaking technology, our advertisers enjoy getting quality leads from various GEOs, increased revenues, networking and closing profitable deals with the best affiliates in the industry.

The Power of the Network

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The Power of the Network

ROI Collective serves as an affiliate network where leading advertisers and top publishers can meet and work on highly converting projects by finding the right platform on which to address their target markets. We only work with market leaders and the best professionals, so you know you will reach your desired results every time. Rather than struggle with too many affiliate programs at once, delayed payments, or lackluster conversion rates, ROI Collective’s approach is affiliate marketing made simple and the results are guaranteed.

Our Simple Registration Process


Sign up

First, you will sign up with us by sending us personal details like your full name and email address along with a short message telling us about yourself and your platform.


We process Your Request

Once we receive your info, we will pass it onto one of our affiliate managers who will review your application and contact you if we think you’re a good match.


Integration with Our Systems

Once we’ve got your signed contract, we will help integrate into our systems and provide you with your unique tracking code and access to your CRM account so that you can closely watch your performance.

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