The Holy Grail of The Affiliate Marketing Business

5 Times Where An Affiliate Marketer’s Mentality can make or break A Business

Similar to other aspects of your life, your mentality can make a world of difference in your business’ health. From a happy-go-lucky, can-do attitude to being in a constant state of dread or even indifference, your mood sets the tone for your experience in its entirety. You cannot be in a chipper mood every day of the year but maintaining high spirits can help you endure whatever obstacles come your way.

But do not fret just yet.

Our article below will guide you through each of the 5 major occurrences you are likely to encounter on your journey in this crazy jungle.

Learn how you can spot these potentially harmful situations and how to avoid making fatal mistakes below!

Just Starting Out

Launching your affiliate marketing platform can be quite the challenge

Once you get into the affiliate marketing business, it can be one Heck of a bumpy ride. More often than not newbie affiliate marketers will find themselves shell-shocked. Suddenly, it becomes evident that affiliate marketing success stories do not just fall into your lap – they require quite a bit of legwork. This can be the breaking-off point for many young grasshoppers in this industry, where they will ultimately jump ship and decide to leave without even trying to salvage their business.

At this point, you need to take a hard look at yourself and realize whether you are cut out of the right material. If you are determined to succeed and willing to put in the work, there is no reason why you should not become an affiliate marketer.

Poor Performance

Red pixilated graph plummeting

Let’s face it: Your performance is not always going to skyrocket – especially if you are a first-time affiliate. Building an excellent track record takes investing every resource you have, whether it is your time, money, or efforts. Success does not come cheap, and it will cost you your blood, sweat, and tears (only figuratively, we’re hoping).

When you hit a wall, take a moment to reflect on your blueprint. Are you overfunding your campaigns? Is your targeting on point? Is the product or service you are offering just not cutting it? Ask yourself questions and provide honest answers to get ahead.

Can’t figure out why you are not doing as well as you are expecting? Ask more experienced affiliates in online forums, or consult with your affiliate manager. Often, you may find yourself in a position where minor tweaks to your marketing strategy can go a long way.

Failing Campaign

A man holds his head in his hands, looking frustrated

So, your most recent campaign completely flopped. It went belly up on you. You invested money to make it live, and it produced zero dollars. This will probably leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but you need to look at each failure as a learning opportunity.

As stated in the previous paragraph, this is the perfect time for you to sit down and closely examine what went wrong with your campaign. Ask yourself the questions mentioned above and whether the campaign ran for a reasonable time frame. A single week may not be as effective as a month or three.

Once you have gathered enough information, you will know what to avoid next time. These experiences are just as meaningful as the moments where you shine.

A Successful Campaign

 man in suit checks floating boxes

On the flip side, standing in front of a successful campaign is yet another moment to prove yourself. While you may not feel like throwing in the towel at a moment like this, you run the risk of become trigger happy and possibly overfunding your campaign. Even worse, you might become a one-trick pony.

Doing the same thing time and time again can make your target audience get bored with your affiliate marketing business fast. Moreover, social media platforms may flag your activities as suspicious and freeze your accounts. Worst case scenario, they might even ban you from using the platform entirely.

Analyze your success and keep your target audience at the edge of their seats. Engagement takes time to build – and a few seconds to destroy.

Dealing with Brands

Young guy buries his head in his hands in front of his computer

Dealing with brand affiliate programs usually goes in one of two ways: challenging but productive or making you want to tear your hair out. The affiliate manager is an in-house employee in many cases, and so he might lean towards protecting his employers’ best interests, not yours.

Can this make your work relationship difficult? Probably, but showing that you can remain calm in complex situations will always work in your favor. Explain your stance while showing your counterpart you understand where they are coming from and do not lose your cool even if you are faced with criticism.

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