5 Steps to Choosing The Right Affiliate Network Site 5 Steps to Choosing The Right Affiliate Network Site

5 Steps to Choosing The Right Affiliate Network Site

Here’s the complete guide to selecting the optimal affiliate network company for your business!

Finding the right affiliate program is already a considerable challenge given the surprising amount of them, as each brand tends to have its version. The number of affiliate networks, however, might be smaller, but that does not necessarily mean that the process of choosing the one to join gets any easier. With so many seemingly great options available, how can you be sure you are making the right choice?

Our experts at ROI Collective have prepared a list of critical aspects you should examine before signing up with one affiliate network or another.

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Verticals of Choice

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First thing’s first, you need to make sure you are in the right place, starting with your niche market. Suppose you strictly do affiliate marketing for the online trading market in Europe. In that case, there is nothing for you to look for in an affiliate network site that deals with the Nutra or trading verticals - unless you are looking to spice things up and pick up an entirely new niche.

While it may seem like an easy enough task, mistakes can be made if you are not careful. The financial verticals, for example, include a variety of niches from online trading to loans and pensions. It is also your job to check whether or not the network has relevant offers for your business.

Mind The Brand

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Will the network allocate your traffic to the best match among their database? The answer to that question is vital to your success – or lack thereof – with any network. If you choose a network that cannot give your traffic the attention it needs, your leads could go cold, and those are often harder to recover.

So, how can you avoid watching your leads hit an iceberg and sink into the water below?

Before joining any network, ask your affiliate manager if the brands’ have native desks and their working hours. If they only offer one shift during specific hours or operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that could significantly affect your performance and consequently your commissions, as well.

“The difference between an okay affiliate network and a great affiliate network is that the latter will give you the tools to improve your skills and business.”

Next Stop Ahead

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Next on our list are the affiliate network site’s selection of GEOs. Do they only deal with a specific tier or only with a particular list of countries regardless of their category? Or, perhaps, do they have GEOs worldwide? If you target specific markets worldwide, be it in tiers or continents, you need to check that your list is aligned with that of the affiliate network.

Usually, this step is part of the application process when attempting to join a network. Just make sure that they have enough brands to not overspend on affiliate marketing leads that will turn out freezing out on you.

It’s Pay Time

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Another make-or-break moment comes when the topic of payments is put on the table. Many affiliates who work with affiliate programs frequently run into problems revolving around payments, such as delayed payouts and a lack of transparency regarding the actual performance of their campaigns. In other words, the brand hides the actual results to get away with underpaying the affiliate.

While we do not condone these practices, these situations are common.

Make sure you get a bulletproof contract that clearly indicates when you get paid. In addition, we strongly suggest that you research the network and read reviews that their past or existing clients may have written. You can also find more information per affiliate network site by asking about them on Facebook or Telegram groups.

Added Value

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The final aspect you should take into account is the question of the added value the network can offer you. Are they best known for their affiliate managers’ excellent service and a can-do attitude? Does the network have a blog where they regularly upload how-to guides or noteworthy articles on the industry or verticals you are interested in? Do they host experts for unique pieces or webinars?

Once you can figure that out, you will know whether a specific network has what you are looking for.

The difference between an okay affiliate network and a great affiliate network is that the latter will give you the tools to improve your skills and business. An affiliate network depends on your performance in making its revenue, pushing you to do better.

ROI Collective: Your Affiliate Network

At ROI Collective, we make it our main goal to empower businesses and create long-lasting, lucrative connections between the financial verticals’ biggest brands and top-tier affiliates. We have two teams dedicated to ensuring that each opportunity is successful by providing the optimal allocation of your traffic, the affiliate managers’ team and the advertisers’ team.

Here are a few of our guaranteed benefits:

  • A team of dedicated affiliate managers
  • High conversion rates that lead to great payouts
  • A setup that finds your best match on our database
  • Continuous optimization over a wide range of GEOs and traffic sources

ROI Collective: An Affiliate Marketing Network That Empowers Affiliates

Get more of our in-depth articles and helpful guides on our blog page here!

Join us at ROI Collective, and enjoy our groundbreaking approach to affiliate marketing on our global network. Take the first step on our quick application process here.


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