How to Create a Compelling Video Script for Affiliate Campaigns How to Create a Compelling Video Script for Affiliate Campaigns

How to Create a Compelling Video Script for Affiliate Campaigns

Write your best video script yet and watch your affiliate marketing campaigns explode!

Many of the more successful digital marketing campaigns have videos. For example, a popular style in online trading verticals includes a video with different clips from the news, and affiliate marketers swear by this method. These videos can help you drive your campaigns’ core message with more success and attract more of your target audience.

So, what does it take to make the ideal video script?

First off, you need to know your clients. Are they young adults who are looking to generate a secondary income, stay-at-home moms, or business savvy adults over the age of 30? Each target group has its own set of expectations, wants, and needs. Once you figure out who you are aiming to attract, the rest of the process comes naturally.

There are other factors such as relaying your core message correctly, pressing mental buttons, and fine-tuning your visuals alongside your script, which we will discuss in-depth in the rest of the article.

Create your best video script yet with our guide below!

Loud and Clear

Make sure your video's core message is crystal clear.

While your affiliate campaigns’ first obstacle may be finding the right core message, the next one is right up head: How to deliver it in the best way possible. Though you would not want to go overboard with excitement, you still need to ensure your target audience knows your offer is not something they can afford to miss out on.

For example, let’s say you are offering a trading signal service that will give your clients both the heads-up and the much-needed analysis of upcoming market trends or events. To properly sell this service, you need to tell them what they might be missing if they choose not to subscribe.

If your script somehow lacks in your offers or services correctly, you are pouring the money you put into these campaigns down the drain. When your affiliate leads finish watching your minute-long video, they need to be convinced that your offer is a gamechanger they cannot pass on.

“Once you figure out who you are aiming to attract, the rest of the process comes naturally.”

The Psychological Side

Tap into your leads' biggest wants and fears.

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is a huge psychological trigger for almost all age groups; you should be aware of many other mental pressure points. Your video script has to trigger some kind of emotion in your audience to secure those coveted FTDs as soon as possible.

Your affiliate campaigns need to press those psychological buttons gently, careful to scare off your target completely. You will need to lure them in by presenting their alleged problems (an annoying boss at work, inability to save money, etc..) and show them how your service can help them achieve their goals.

It may come across as an impossible task to approach so many people in the right manner in a single video, as no two people are exactly alike. There is, however, plenty of common ground you can use as your starting point. Trying to hit the mark with every person is an unrealistic objective, and you should strive for the group’s mentality instead.

Matching the Energy

The best videos have great visuals and scripts.

The ultimate combo that delivers a knockout every time means finding the right balance between the script and the storyboard. Though you should not rely on visuals to deliver your core message all on their own, they can fit the roles of your supporting actors.

So, how can you find your video script’s perfect match?

The proper storyboard may vary based on the vertical, the offer, and your target audience’s specific preferences. There is no one correct answer or a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. For instance, if one of your affiliate campaigns revolves around a hefty signup bonus that is added upon completing an FTD, you should choose characters that express excitement and happiness. You should also use bright colors to enhance the effect.

If your campaign offers a more serious service, we suggest using characters that come across as business-oriented and successful. You would most likely prefer to use colors that express stability or reliability.

The bottom line? The right combination of these two key factors will help your affiliate leads feel a sense of familiarization with the characters on screen.

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