Is Your Affiliate Traffic Weak? Is Your Affiliate Traffic Weak?

Is Your Affiliate Traffic Weak?

Before you take a swing at traffic optimization, your first step should be analyzing what makes your leads weak!

Hitting the jackpot with your affiliate marketing leads may be your end goal, but getting there is not something that simply falls in your lap. Depending on several factors, your digital marketing blueprint may need to go through some serious changes before finding the right approach to raise your conversion rates.

There are quite a few things that could go wrong in your uphill battle towards success. From missing the mark with your target audience to straight-up offending their cultural sensibilities, not budgeting your campaigns correctly, or serving up a lukewarm creative, there are so many ways you could be working against your own interests.

But, first, you need to determine whether, in fact, your traffic is weak or not.

Discover the symptoms of mediocre traffic with our guide below!

How Low Can You Go?

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The first sign of weak traffic is a low conversion rate on a campaign. That usually means fewer people than expected are signing up and or depositing for the offered service or promotion. That result often translates into a further hit on your profits and return on investment (ROI) on the said campaign.

This requires a bit of digging around.

The first step is ensuring your ad’s initial message was indeed clear enough for your target audience. If you were targeting a non-English speaking group but wrote the materials in it, then the entire thing may have gone over their heads. A much worse scenario would be if your ads came across as offensive somehow.

The best solution is to use a heat map in order to figure out where your affiliate traffic was dropping off. Hot Jar and Crazy Egg are two of the most commonly used options for this task. Once you can pinpoint your landing page’s weak spots, you can improve them for better results.

No Follow-Through

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen is that your leads are signing up – some of them may even get as far as completing their first deposit - but then they drop off the face of the earth. In many cases, they may have forgotten that they ever opened an account. However, in other scenarios, your affiliate traffic leads might claim that they have never expressed any interest in your offer.

As far as the latter group vehemently denies ever subscribing, there is very little to convince them otherwise. On the other hand, the first group can be easily cured with a basic email marketing plan for new clients who board your platform.

By sending them an email for significant milestones, you can guarantee they will have a hard time forgetting about opening an account. These events typically include signing up with email address verification, the first deposit, an account becoming inactive (usually sent after a week of inactivity), etc.

“Depending on several factors, your digital marketing blueprint may need to go through some serious changes.”

Turning Invisible

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Last on our list is the infamous case of extremely low traffic making its way onto your ads. While that is alarming, to say the least, the solution requires a few easy yet highly effective tweaks. More often than not, the reason behind your weak stream of affiliate traffic can be easily attributed to the insufficient use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

By using the right keywords in your campaigns, you will be able to appease the leading search engine Google and attract more leads to your ads. Google’s algorithm gives your creatives a mark for correct use of keywords, the quality of your choice of images, loading times, and plenty of other factors.

If you do a good job adhering to the search engine’s requirements, your ads are more likely to receive a higher ranking and appear higher on the results page. However, if you do a terrible job, Google reserves itself the right to reject your ads and even block your ad account if it spots any shady activity.

When You’re Failing to Meet Your Goals

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While a failed campaign (or more) might feel like the end of the world, we can guarantee it is only a bump in the road – if you play your cards right. While throwing yourself into a fit of panic is always an option, albeit a terrible one, you can turn your luck around by closely examining what went wrong and working towards a solution.

At times, what works best is consulting other affiliate marketers, especially if they are targeting the same verticals as you. We recommend asking questions in affiliate marketing-related Facebook and Telegram groups, as the issues mentioned above are common enough for others to encounter them themselves.

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