How to customize Your Affiliate Tracker How to customize Your Affiliate Tracker

How to customize Your Affiliate Tracker

Here are the things you need to alter in your tracker to optimize tracking affiliate sales!

Last week, our experts released our list of the best tracking systems on the market. Today, we are going to show you how to customize your tracker of choice so that you can enjoy its full potential. Because, let’s face it, not all affiliate marketers were created the same way, so it would be weird to assume that one tracking system can answer their needs with the factory settings.

Perhaps, one of the most significant advantages of the affiliate tracking softwares we discussed in our last article was the users’ ability to customize their dashboards. You need to treat every campaign’s metrics like their vitals. The conversion and click-through rates, costs, ROI, and payouts can tell you whether your campaign is hitting every goal on your list – or on a downward spiral.

We have chosen the top-performing tracking platform from our previous article Voluum and take you through the app’s customizable features.

Learn how to customize your tracker with our easy guide below!

Automize Your Traffic

Automate your leads with the affiliate tracker

Voluum’s first feature we would like to show you is the almighty automizer. This feature will integrate your traffic with the platform so that you can follow it more closely and analyze it.

The automizer even takes it a step further and allows you to set up custom-made rules tailored to your business’s specific needs. The affiliate marketing industry’s favorite affiliate tracker can auto-optimize the leads coming in from your campaign based on these rules.

By using this feature and creating specific optimization rules, nothing will be able to fly under your radar and go unnoticed. In other words, you get to enjoy a better performance by letting your dashboard do the dirty work, and you can kick back and relax as your results keep getting more potent from one campaign to the next. All gain, no sweat required.

Distribute Your Leads

Robot uses platform to identify data

Another great tool you should take into consideration is the traffic distribution AI feature. Voluum’s unique tool will analyze your landing page and the offer, closely examining your performance in real-time. It will then proceed to send more traffic to the spot, which gives you your best conversion.

Forget about manually dividing up and sending out your leads. This artificial intelligence-based feature does the calculations for you by combining your return on investment (ROI), earnings, and conversions.

In the settings section, you can switch on the automated traffic distribution option for all campaigns or for each campaign separately. You can also choose which elements you would like Voluum to optimize – or again, simply choose all of them.

Stop wasting precious time on tasks of this nature and allow the automation tool to help you out.

“Not all affiliate marketers were created the same way, so it would be weird to assume that one tracking system can answer their needs with the factory settings.”

Prevent Fraudulent Tactics

Robot dodges bullets while floating above hand

Voluum’s customizable app does not merely improve your performance, though this is what makes this app such a big deal. The company designed an anti-fraud kit, which comes fully equipped with all the features you need to protect your business from the obstacles of the digital marketing realm – including bot traffic.

Voluum’s Ad Tracker can spot suspicious website visits and link clicks and identify unrealistic conversion times due to its comprehensive metrics. It can also analyze bot traffic with its advanced insights, thus preventing bots from attacking your performance.

Voluum’s affiliate tracker tops this all off by giving their users detailed data reports on invalid traffic and applying safety measures without funking up your redirect’s speed.

Given the severity of cybercrimes nowadays, we strongly recommend that you use these features to your advantage.

Set up Alerts

Robot hands hold up smartphone

Voluum gives you the option to take your link tracking software to go with its mobile app. The mobile app gives you the freedom to check your campaigns’ vitals wherever you are and act immediately. You can also set alerts for the events that are important to you.

The reports you enjoy on the desktop version are just as easily accessible via the mobile app, and you can make swift adjustments to your bids or close a campaign if it is not performing as you expected it to.

Having access to the app at your fingertips can prevent trouble and alert you if anything significant happens while you are away from your computer for whatever reason.

Let’s show the rest of the industry how it’s done.

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