Top 5 Affiliate Trackers  Top 5 Affiliate Trackers

Top 5 Affiliate Trackers

Discover the best affiliate marketing trackers on the market!

As an affiliate marketer, a large part of your job will be dedicated to closely following your campaigns’ performance and progress. To achieve the desired results, you will need to use the right tools such as trackers. Affiliate tracking softwares collect the relevant data from each of your campaigns and allow you to share your results with your Pay Per Click (PPC) channels in order to achieve campaign optimization via proper integration.

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ROI Collective's top pick is none other than Voluum

First up is our experts’ top pick, the Volumm affiliate marketing tracker. The product belongs to the second-fastest growing software company in Europe and is considered the best to track and improve your overall performance. Voluum offers four service packages ranging from $99 to $999 a month. The latter also contains customization options.

The software offers easy deployment and instant setup. In addition, you can begin tracking your campaigns as soon as you have signed up. Then, you can enjoy infinite scalability, no data limitations, one-click optimization, extensive reporting, faster redirects, and the mobile app, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

This affiliate tracker has received high marks across the board for its feature, support, affiliate tracking, ease of use, traffic distribution AI, ads format, and anti-fraud kit.

Tune (Formerly HasOffers)

HasOffers' tracker is an industry favorite thanks to its user-friendly software

Twin brothers Lee and Lucas Brown established Tune in 2009, and its affiliate tracking software has gained popularity worldwide due to its being so easy to operate. The software can serve as a network or ad agency to suit your business’ specific needs.

The month-long free trial offers all the features. The paid accounts are divided into the pro account at $279 a month, the enterprise account at $799 a month, and the custom account where you can alter the feature to fit what you need.

Tune' best features include the two-way API, 24/7 customer support via phone call, email, or chat, fraud activity score maintenance, all-in-one dashboard, captcha verification signup, SEO-friendly tracking links, and optimization of ad campaigns and offers based on performance.

“Affiliate tracking softwares collect the relevant data from each of your campaigns and allow you to share your results”


Coming in at number 3 is Everflow's tracking software

Next up on our list is yet another crowd favorite, This company has managed to scale advertising and affiliate networks to billions of clicks and has generated revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars. Everflow’s packages start at $200 a month.

Besides being a real-time network, this service has some promising advantages over its incredible track record. These include actionable insights via big data, secure and private partitioning of your traffic, cloud-based pivot tables, cap overrun elimination, an advanced alerting system, and so much more.

This service provider offers its clients groundbreaking technology with its features, which can take your experience with affiliate trackers from ‘meh’ to ‘wow!’. Despite our decision not to place it as our top pick, it has definitely earned its place in the top three.


Track, attribute, and optimize your affiliate traffic with Cake

Cake’s affiliate tracking software enables affiliates and companies to track, attribute, and optimize their traffic. The plans they offer are divided by the nature of the clients’ business. In other words, there are separate plans for lead distribution, networks, and advertisers.

This user-friendly tool provides clients with a versatile dashboard that helps them analyze results and manage their contacts.

The platform’s features include but are not limited to multi-channel tracking, multi-touch attribution, which includes models like time decay, linear, engagement, and customizable options, and lead generation and distribution that offer automation features. Users can also enjoy real-time reporting and can see what actually drives up conversions, API support, and mobile tracking. Additionally, users who work in a team can assign access and roles within the app.


Last but not least is the industry's top tracker in performance marketing

This affiliate tracking service was established in 2005 by Webapps LLC and is considered an industry leader in performance marketing. This service provider helps clients efficiently attribute countless factors of their online endeavors, and it is leveraged to assess measurable engagements of end-users.

HitPath’s affiliate tracker is both quick and productive, which are characteristics of a great performance tracking app. It enables real-time tracking, affiliate management for advertisers, an accounting module, Cross pub campaign acceleration, and a friendly interface.

What sets HitPath apart from many of its competitors is that the company provides free training for the software on top of its 24/7 customer support.

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