How to find Relevant Affiliate Marketing Traffic How to find Relevant Affiliate Marketing Traffic

How to find Relevant Affiliate Marketing Traffic

Learn how to get the best traffic optimization for your sources - and the best performing leads!

One of the biggest struggles affiliate marketers come across in their career is finding relevant traffic, but what does that mean? Relevant traffic is a term that refers to affiliate marketing leads that are in correspondence with your short-term and long-term goals. For example, if you are looking to lure in men over 35 years old interested in online investments in the global market, you have a defined target audience with an age and gender barrier. Add specific countries, and you have got yourself an even tighter margin within which you can tread.

Any lead that does not fit your criteria perfectly is not relevant.

So, how can you ensure that you are actively avoiding irrelevant affiliate leads? By strictly following our guide of DOs and DON’Ts to digital marketing, of course.

Read our guide below to attract your target audience and get your best performance yet!

Do Your Research

Get your KYC on point

Before you embark on your hunt for relevant traffic, you need to sit down and map out the new territory you plan on overtaking soon. This means you will need to explore your market of choice in terms of the most used keywords, who are your biggest competitors, and most importantly – who your leads are.

The last part is often referred to as Know Your Client, or KYC for short, where you identify your average potential client. This description will mean you need to know their age range, marital status, income, what part of the world they live in, and what they search online.

Do: Make sure you know who you target with your campaigns to achieve the best results and gain long-term, loyal clientele.

Don't: Completely ignore who your leads are as people. Not knowing what makes them tick on a psychological level will hurt your conversion rates.

Your Service of Choice

So, what is it you are offering your target audience, exactly?

If you promote live trading signals on popular assets such as stocks and indices or blog articles that cover and dive into exciting trading techniques, you have defined your relevant affiliate marketing traffic’s interests. The question now is how you will take it from here to improve your conversion rates and click-through rates.

Your next step is critical for your potential lead’s client journey to that registration and deposit pages, especially if you are working on a CPA basis. Making the right move can land you great leads with high player value depending on your GEOs of choice. On the other hand, the wrong move could cost you a sale – or worse, have you spending money on a bad lead.

Do: Offer your affiliate leads other relevant services or information to apply to their trading career.

Don't: Use your traffic for irrelevant offers or verticals. Burning leads is not a mistake you would want to make.

“If you promote live trading signals on popular assets such as stocks and indices or blog articles that cover exciting trading techniques, you have defined your relevant affiliate marketing traffic’s interests.”

When in Rome, act like a Roman

Roman warrior stands in a fiels.

When addressing your target audience, it is essential that you stay relevant, as well.

Being too old-fashioned or too forward could turn your potential leads away from your offer if you are not careful. This does not just apply to the tone of your campaigns in terms of the text but also to the design. From the color scheme to the structure of your ad, you need to ensure that your creative is appealing to your audience’s preferences and sensibilities rather than offending them.

If you are attempting to gauge the interest of a group of older affiliate leads or come from a more religious background, you will also need to research what you should avoid showing or mentioning in your ads.

Do: Research what your target audience likes and dislikes. For example, Muslim countries love colors like green, white, and gold due to their rich culture, whereas Western European countries prefer blue, red, and gray.

Don't: Send lackluster creatives. Those are less than likely to encourage relevant traffic to register and make a deposit with you.

Do You even segment, Bro?

Segment your affiliate traffic for maximum effect.

In digital marketing, segmentation means breaking a large amount of data (I.e., affiliate marketing leads) into groups based on specific characteristics such as age, gender, geographic location, behavior, religion, and income. Creating subgroups helps manufacture specific creatives per each group’s wants and needs, thus getting you more relevant affiliate marketing traffic.

Suppose you promote beef-based products in India or provocative clothes for women in many countries in the middle east. In that case, you and your business are more likely to get banned quicker than you think is humanly possible.

The 3 most popular segmentation techniques are the following:

  • Behavioristic segmentation. Classifying leads based on their preference towards their brands of choice.
  • Psychographic segmentation. Creating a group based on the leads’ behavior, interests, lifestyle, and player value.
  • Geographical segmentation. Diving data by geographical locations, which may indicate certain religious inclinations.

Do: Segment your affiliate marketing traffic as best you can to have clear characteristics of your leads in terms of age, GEO location, religious inclination, etc. The better you know your target audience, the better your campaigns will perform.

Don't: Send the same campaign to several groups without making any changes in advance.

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