The Top 3 Image Stock Websites for Affiliate Lead Generation The Top 3 Image Stock Websites for Affiliate Lead Generation

The Top 3 Image Stock Websites for Affiliate Lead Generation

Get more quality affiliate leads on your website and off-site campaigns with the right images!

As we have discussed before, images play a massive part in your affiliate website and off-site campaigns on leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and even on your Google ads. This is one of the aspects you definitely would not want to cheap out on when it comes down to your affiliate marketing strategy.

Stock image websites display an extensive collection of all kinds of images you can use, from stills to videos, gifs, and vectors. Heck, you can even find yourself complete sets of icons for your landing pages or the informational pages on your website.

So, where can you find the best image stock websites?

As always, you can find ROI Collective’s recommendations right here, right now.

Read our experts’ top recommendations for stock image websites below!


This is probably the biggest and most popular image stock website on the market.

Perhaps the most commonly used stock image website for affiliate marketers and brands alike is none other than Shutterstock. This website allows hundreds, if not thousands, of artists to upload a variety of images, from still photos to vectors and even icons and videos. If you are looking for strong images to increase the affiliate lead generation of your campaigns, Shutterstock is one of the better options around.

Not only are there hundreds of thousands of images to choose from, but Shutterstock will also tell you how popular an image has been among its users. In other words, you will know if only a handful of people downloaded it or if it has been downloaded plenty of times by several users. This feature can help you avoid using the same pictures as your competitors, thus showing your target audience the same things over and over again.

Shutterstock offers different accounts so that you can easily find the one best suited to your marketing needs. In addition, the editor feature proves itself as a helpful tool if you do not wish to pay a graphic designer to resize images for Facebook or LinkedIn posts.

“Stock image websites display an extensive collection of all kinds of images you can use, from stills to videos, gifs, and vectors.”


Free image stock websites are nothing to shy away from.

Our next runner-up is Unsplash, a free image stock website purchased by Getty Images in 2021. This website allows its users to get royalty-free images from over 265,000 different artists under the Unsplash license. We suggest that you give this website a chance before committing to the more expensive options out there, especially if your budget is relatively small and you are just starting out.

Unlike Shutterstock’s rich selection of different image options, Unsplash only seems to offer images that can better fit articles or act as wallpapers. There are no gifs or videos available despite the website advertising a growing library of 3.2 million images. You can still use them to improve the health of your affiliate lead generation, but the lack of versatility might be a bit of a pain.

Please keep in mind that some free image stock websites will ask you to credit the photographers or artists on your website. Make sure you are fully aware of their policy before you go ahead and download anything.


Last but not least, yet another completely free image stock website.

Another free option is Picjumbo, an image stock website established in 2013 by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek. The website offers a wide variety of copyright-free images that can be used for either personal or commercial purposes. What makes this website unique is the fact that the images are compiled and presented as collections.

This allows you to view the same objects from several different angles and then choose the ones that best fit your aesthetic.

PicJumbo provides website owners and affiliate marketers with an abundance of high-quality images that hit the spot for affiliate lead generation every time. Even better, the website owner adds more photos on a daily basis in its various categories. In other words, you will never run out of options with this image stock website.

Last but not least, the service is provided free of charge, which only sweetens the deal here.

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