4 Steps to Creating a Strong Affiliate Domain Authority 4 Steps to Creating a Strong Affiliate Domain Authority

4 Steps to Creating a Strong Affiliate Domain Authority

Discover how to gain top-tier affiliate marketing domain authority with our latest guide!

Google has many ways to rank your website, from the proper use of keywords to the loading times of its pages. Domain authority, a metric invented by Moz, is one of the search engine’s ways of determining the strength of your SEO skills and the power of your website compared to those of your competitors.

Unlike page authority which only tests and ranks one page out of the entire website, domain authority refers to the website’s strength in its entirety.

Moz’s algorithm is designed to give each website a score out of 100, and the grade gets updated about once a month. On average, most websites receive a score of 50-60, and any score over 60 is considered an excellent grade.

So, what can you do to score a higher domain authority score?

Read our guide below and raise your rank with 4 easy steps!

Optimize Your Content

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One of the factors Moz uses to decipher and grade your domain’s authority is how much attention your platform receives on social media. If you get a lot of likes on Facebook, shares on LinkedIn, or retweets on Twitter, the algorithm is more likely to become convinced of your credibility.

How do you attract the right kind of attention?

Optimizing your web-based content is an unavoidable step on your way to success. The better content you provide, the more attention you are bound to get from your target audience. Create original and compelling social media posts, articles, and blog posts, and make sure that you promote them on your different channels to notify your audience of your latest piece.

While it can be difficult to constantly remain creative, creating a monthly plan can help you stay focused. In addition, we warmly recommend searching forums and other blog or news sites for inspiration.

Review Your Existing Links

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Another significant aspect of your affiliate domain’s grade is the quality of the links. As in, how many links go to your website or a specific page, the authority and quality of the external websites you are linked to, and those linking back to you.

Much like networking in the business world, you are being harshly judged for your connections. If you have any malicious links or are associated with nefarious websites, your website’s rank is going to pay the price for it.

You need to carefully assess your potential partners before you connect your platform with theirs in any way. Be sure to run a thorough background check to examine their domain’s authority and look at the other websites they are currently collaborating with.

The company you keep is as important in business as it is in your personal life. Nobody needs a negative influence that will drag them down.

“Unlike page authority which only tests and ranks one page out of the entire website, domain authority refers to the website’s strength in its entirety”

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Raise your score by making your website responsive

Nowadays, it is no well-kept secret that our smartphones are basically glued to our hands. If your website is not mobile-friendly yet, you are not only risking losing many of the visitors who use their smartphones, but this may also hurt your ranking on the mobile search engines.

First, check with the online Mobile-Friendly Test created by Google’s developers to see if your affiliate domain is up to par. If it is not mobile-friendly yet, the app will tell you what you need to fix.

This change will require image resizing to make your creatives responsive and perhaps, even content changes. People are more likely to read shorter texts on their smartphones, as the screens are relatively smaller than desktop computers and laptops.

Becoming a platform that works for desktop computers and handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones will always work to your advantage.

Become a Leader within Your Niche

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Finding external websites to collaborate with can be quite challenging when you are new to a specific niche. Do everything right by creating new and exciting content and promoting said content on social media platforms. You will have a better chance not just with your target audience – but with other leaders within your niche, as well.

Creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with other authority figures within your community can help raise your status and help you find better opportunities for linking up your websites with those of others.

Once you have your affiliate domain and various social media channels set up, you can also create own online communities on Facebook or Telegram. There you can share your insights and valuable information such as tips, tutorials, and articles.

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