How to attract Affiliate Backlinks with Great Content How to attract Affiliate Backlinks with Great Content

How to attract Affiliate Backlinks with Great Content

Discover how you can get more offers for affiliate marketing websites by producing the right content!

Search engine optimization (AKA SEO) plays a vital part in your website’s reputation, and SEO best practices go much farther than merely having the right keywords, incredible images, or speedy loading times. Your website is also measured by the company it keeps.

This means your website’s domain authority score is directly affected by the backlinks to and from external websites. The rule is quite simple: Your website’s score will be higher if you are connected to websites with excellent scores. However, if you have made the terrible mistake of associating your website with low-scoring ones, they will take your score down with them.

So, how can you ensure that you will only attract quality backlinks moving forward?

Read our guide to creating fantastic content below!

Stay Relevant

Make sure you produce content that is caught up on the newest developments.

If you own a blog where you share online trading tactics and alerts on the financial markets’ upcoming big swings, then it is up to you to stay on top of the news. This part, however, does not end with you merely reading up on Bloomberg or BBC regularly but goes as far as staying up to date on how traders are approaching real-world events on their trading platforms.

Attracting quality affiliate backlinks will come easier if other website owners see you sharing valuable information while adding your take to it. Reiterating another ten bloggers’ exact thoughts or ideas that have been discussed ad nauseum will do nothing for you. You need to add your flare or explore a less charted territory with a fresh perspective.

You also need to make sure you are aware of new developments, such as new tactics or tools. Relying on the same old trading tactics will do very little to attract the right audience, be they website owners or affiliate leads.

“Your website is also measured by the company it keeps.”

Use Google’s Search Console

Yet another powerful marketing tool from the world's most prominent search engine.

While piquing your target audience and other website owners’ interest is a big part of your affiliate marketing success, you also need to have the right tools for the job. Google’s search console is a platform that allows you to track and perfect your performance across a number of critical parameters, including alerting you and helping you fix any issues that may arise.

From getting your website on the map by optimizing your content against search analytics to understanding how Google’s algorithms see your webpages, this console has everything you could want or need in terms of SEO best practices.

The higher you score on Google’s algorithm, the higher your links will appear on the search engine’s results pages – and that is a surefire way to catch the eye of your fellow bloggers and get those coveted affiliate backlinks. Ranking lower on Google’s algorithm is not advisable for the health of your business either way, but that could potentially backfire even more when you are trying to move up and network with other prominent figures within your niche. In other words, being on the search engine’s better side has too many benefits to ignore.

Scope out the Competition

 Become inspired by your competitors' offers to create something even greater.

While spying on your biggest competitors may sound like a shady activity, there are ethical ways where you can get a sense of what they are promoting or offering on their ads on Google, different social media platforms, etc. In case you need any recommendations for helpful spying tools, you can get our experts’ favorite apps right here.

You can also find the biggest trends by searching specific keywords online or checking Google Trends, for that matter.

By keeping tabs on your competition, you can get a sense of how they are targeting their affiliate marketing leads and what the latest developments in your niche market may be. Though we do not condone nor do we encourage plagiarism, knowing what offers you are up against is never a bad thing.

This step can help you get ideas for offers for your own platform by taking the basic concept and offering your target audience something even more attractive. By being the better service provider, you are more likely to enjoy higher conversion rates, better lead generation, and affiliate backlinks from websites that can improve your ranking and status.

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