How to research Your Affiliate Blogging Target Audience How to research Your Affiliate Blogging Target Audience

How to research Your Affiliate Blogging Target Audience

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Trying to figure out how to best approach your target audience is a common challenge when it comes to affiliate marketing and strategizing your digital marketing plans. Appealing to a large group of people who all have their specific wants and needs while “shopping” for an online-based service is not a task for the faint of heart.

Getting to know your target audience does not stop once you get the dry details and their general characteristics. You will need to keep up with significant events in their respective countries, such as rising inflation rates, war, and other geopolitical factors affecting their day-to-day lives. The research never truly stops, but it becomes easier once you know their preferences and the basics.

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Know Your Demographics

Know the layout of the land before you march into battle.

The first part of this challenge is determining what problem your service aims to solve for your consumers, and the issue often connects to a specific group. Whether you are promoting while live trading signals or trading robots when affiliate blogging, you need to find the target audience to make the most of your offer.

If your offer best serves college students who cannot afford to invest a lot of time into learning about the financial markets, you need to ensure you aim for that age group.

Depending on the country you will be targeting, you can look up your audience online and find out what percentage goes to college, how many graduate, etc. These factors can help you decipher the health of your group and whether attracting them is in your business’ best interest.

“The research never truly stops, but it becomes easier once you know their preferences and the basics.”

Cultural Differences

 Discover what factors affect your affiliate leads' day to day lives.

If you are counting on targeting several GEO locations at once, then you will need to be mindful of the culture in each of them and how connected your target groups are to their countries’ leading religions. As we’ve previously mentioned in different articles, these differences can become a point of contention if you are not careful.

Offending a deeply cultural or religious group can become incredibly easy when you are unaware of painful stigma or elements that depict immorality, for example.

Furthermore, each of your campaigns related to your affiliate blogging platform will need to go under cosmetic surgery to show people who resemble your target audience. This process can also extend to the language you use and translations of any kind if your audience does not speak English, for instance. It may take more of your time to create a campaign, but this just may be what your campaign needs to be successful.

Wants, Needs, and Fears

Another undeniable aspect is your age group's psychology.

Every good affiliate marketer also needs to have some understanding of their leads’ psychology. People have different things they may want or may be afraid of at different points in their lives. A person in their mid 40’s is more likely to have more considerable expenses such as a mortgage, a car, or kids they need to send to high school or college.

There is more on the line here than for a person who is single in their early 20’s. The latter may want to reach this stage eventually, but right now, they are more focused on securing financial stability, saving for a better car, or going to school and need to stick to a tighter budget.

Perhaps, the only common denominator is the fact that no one, despite their age group, does not want to lose money. With this piece of information in mind, your goal is to convince your audience when affiliate blogging that your service is a worthy investment of their precious time and hard-earned money.

Keeping up with the Trends

Make sure you are not lagging behind on major events.

Lastly, we have come to the final stretch: trending topics. Touching up or connecting your campaigns or articles to trends that interest your affiliate leads is yet another great psychological trigger to incorporate into your creatives.

Not only does it pique their interest, but it creates a relevance between your offer and their day-to-day lives. As we like to say in the digital marketing industry, old news is no news, and updates are essential when trying to attract your target audience.

Finding the hottest trends in different GEO locations is an easy enough task with helpful tools such as Google Trends’ keyword finder. Simply choose the country you are targeting and then select the topic or related terms such as finance, online trading, etc.

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