Strategize with Your Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Strategize with Your Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Strategize with Your Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Learn how to build the ultimate affiliate blueprint for your business step-by-step!

An integral part of your business’ success has to do with building a solid plan and sticking to it. Beyond staying a steady course on your journey from point A to point B, there is also the matter of building and growing with your business model rather than becoming incapacitated by it. Your business’ blueprint should act as the base for your journey, but it needs to give you some leeway as your business continues to develop.

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Focusing on High-Quality Targets

Focusing on High Quality Targets - Targeting will be one of the biggest determining factors on your affiliate marketing blueprint.

When choosing your target audience, you need to choose the group you will focus your efforts on. From this moment forward, every platform, account, and creative ad will be designed to bring in and attract the people you have decided are quality traffic material.

This step comes only a moment after you choose the product or service you want to promote. Then, you need to add your preferred geo locations to your affiliate marketing blueprint. While tier 1 geo-locations such as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany can offer affiliate marketing leads with a higher disposable income, the cost per acquisition (CPA) will rise accordingly. They are, on average, more difficult to convert than in other tiers.

Tiers 2 and 3 leads are relatively easier clients to convert and could get you more traffic in the door when compared to tier 1 countries. The CPA, of course, would be lower due to less disposable income on their part. Though most affiliate marketers would love to focus on tier 1 exclusively, we would not rush to any negative conclusions regarding the other two tiers and eliminate them from the race.

Converting Your Platform’s Visitors

Converting Your Platform's Visitor - Every visitor that stumbles across your business is a potential client.

Whether you are operating with a website, blog, or social media account, you need to be mindful of the power and limitations of your platform of choice. This part also concerns the level of exposure each platform holds for your target audience. These factors can be a make-or-break moment for your business, and you need to take this into account every step of the way.

You need to ensure that your offers and the information you supply your traffic within your affiliate marketing blueprint are good to ensure they come back and, eventually, convert by paying for whatever it is you are selling them.

Personally speaking, we encourage you to give as many of the necessary details as possible and stay true to your core messages. Though you may feel tempted to go all out with crazy colorful popup messages and insane offers, that may actually work against your best interest. Instead, solidify your stance as an expert in your niche by giving your desired leads the answers they seek, and that is one of the better ways to lure in high-value players.

Nurture Both Leads and Loyal Customers

Nurture Leads and Existing Clients - Treat both new affiliate marketing leads and loyal clients with the same enthusiasm.

If you think that your involvement with the client journey ends the minute your lead converts, you are sadly mistaken and greatly misinformed. You should never ignore your converted leads. On the contrary, you should also build a client journey that covers that post-conversion part. Whether you are dealing with an advertiser directly or through a network, ask for feedback and keep those clients coming back.

A loyal client does not become one out of thin air or all on their own. You need to give them a good enough reason (or several, realistically speaking) to keep coming back. It can be your excellent customer service, a terrific product, or news-worthy coverage of important events or launches in your niche market.

Your affiliate marketing blueprint needs to cover your relationship with your target audience well after the first-time deposit (FTD) has been secured in your tracking system. There is always room to upsell your clients and get them committed to your business.

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