What makes Great Affiliate Google Ads? What makes Great Affiliate Google Ads?

What makes Great Affiliate Google Ads?

Discover how to create your top-performing affiliate marketing Google ads!

Google ads, be they search or display-based, can be an extremely profitable way to get more leads and FTDs through the door. As an affiliate marketer, you can use them to promote different products and services while reaching a larger target audience worldwide.

The biggest challenge, perhaps, is creating an ad that will not only catch the attention of your prospective affiliate marketing leads. The text and design need to be strong enough to stand out among millions of ads your target audience might see daily.

So, what makes a great ad exactly?

Read the article below and find out how you can create a killer ad!

Create a Website

Create a killer website for the best results.

If you are promoting products through Google, it is essential for you to understand that you should not give a direct link without having a website in place. And not just any website will do, you need to have one that delivers a knockout every time your leads come across it. From the content to its very UI/UX aspects, your website has to maintain the highest quality and closely follow Google’s guidelines.

The better your website is, the more likely your affiliate Google ads will perform. The formula seems simple enough, but we cannot tell you how many bad or poorly maintained websites we have encountered over the years. And have no doubt about it, the affiliate marketing campaigns suffer every single time.

Choose the Right Products

Choose the best products for your target audience.

Whether you are working with electronic devices or beauty affiliate products, you have to make sure your products have the potential to sell like hotcakes. In other words, do not attempt to sell something that comes with big promises and absolutely no results. Clients are eager to divulge details of their most miserable experiences, and social media platforms are excellent breeding grounds for horrible reviews.

Your affiliate marketing leads will not think twice about running your business to the ground if they feel wronged by you. Test out the products yourself and read reviews made by others before committing to one product or more from your chosen niche market. Knowing what you are selling will help you avoid unnecessary headaches later on.

Avoid overselling

Continuing with a different aspect of the former issue, we do not advise you to oversell your products aggressively. Making big promises with fitness devices or diet pills for results your clients would be able to see overnight will more than likely come back to bite you. Give your clients realistic expectations when it comes to the products displayed in your affiliate Google ads.

So, how can you sell your affiliate products without going overboard?

Be straightforward in your content and give disclaimers wherever you can to avoid legal issues or unfortunate mishaps with clients who expect your product to be nothing short of a biblical-grade miracle. Knowing how to sell a product properly is just as important as deciphering which is the right product for your target audience.

Catch up on Google’s Policies

Stay up to date on Google's latest restrictions.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle affiliate marketers encounter is maneuvering around Google’s sometimes intense and strict policies. The search engine is not cutting anyone any slack, and affiliate Google accounts are regularly frozen or outright shut down for varying transgressions against its guidelines.

Go over Google’s different policies and regularly check for updates online. You can also consult with your fellow affiliate marketers in Facebook and Telegram groups and learn from their personal experiences.

In addition, while black hat marketing may seem like the way to get incredible results, going against the policies set on affiliate Google ads is highly inadvisable. Unblocking your Google ad account can take a very long time, and in many cases, you would find yourself fighting against a robust algorithm that will not hesitate to shut your operations again, given the chance.

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