Your Email Affiliate Marketing Revamped Your Email Affiliate Marketing Revamped

Your Email Affiliate Marketing Revamped

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Falling into a routine can be way too easy, especially when it comes to email marketing and your client journey. Once one trick seems to work, many affiliate marketers are in no hurry to make any changes or try anything new.

That mentality, however, does not serve them well in the long run, and it is something they should be wary of. Digital marketing on any platform is a dynamic venture that requires extra care. Simply let it run wild with minimal to no supervision is almost never working in your best interest.

Discover how you can increase your performance through your email marketing below!

The Right Toolkit

One of the biggest and most influential factors is the email marketing platform you use to send out and track your interactions with your clientele. Some of the more popular options in the affiliate marketing industry include but are not limited to MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, and ActiveCampaign.

Look up reviews from digital marketers in your niche market and boost your email affiliate marketing strategy with the best offer you can find online. We also highly recommend checking the reviews on trusted sources such as Google reviews or Trust Pilot’s website.

Segment Your Target Audiences

Choosing a target audience is only half of the targeting you will have to do as an affiliate marketer nowadays. The real work begins once your leads register and reach different stages of completing the process of becoming your clients. While some may deposit all by themselves, others may need some more convincing.

You need to prepare emails for each stage or obstacle that may stop them from moving onto the next step. Do not just send mass emails to everyone on your database. Make sure you are targeting those who only registered from those whom you are trying to get second or third deposits.

Create a Clear Schedule

In this section, a schedule can refer to the client journey as well as when you email your client base during the day or work week. They are more than likely to be swamped with other marketing-oriented emails, so it is important for your email affiliate marketing efforts to be sent just at the right time. Track when they open your emails and how they respond (clicking on the links and completing tasks versus unsubscribing).

As for your client journey, it is vital that you strike when the iron is hot. If a lead has opened an account but did not deposit immediately, you need to contact them with an offer that will motivate them to deposit as soon as possible such as a time limited freebie, bonus, or discount.

Test It before You commit

Yet another important factor is the testing process, more commonly referred to as A/B testing. This allows you to pitch two versions on small test groups before sending out a mass email of the final version. You will be able to assess how your overall audience would react on a larger scale, and adjust your email affiliate marketing stance accordingly.

It is not just a task of choosing the best version, but one of improving what you have and learning valuable lessons you can apply on future creative materials down the road.

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