Tapping into Your Target Audience’s Mind Tapping into Your Target Audience’s Mind

Tapping into Your Target Audience’s Mind

This week, we are diving into what makes your leads’ brains tick!

An integral part of marketing is learning how your target audience thinks and what forces could influence them to purchase your service or product. Nowadays, people between the ages of 18-35 may be more inclined to buy things that are considered trendy, whereas the +40 age group would rather buy things out of necessity.

The difference is heavily embedded in the stage of life each group is in, what kind of changes and pressures they might be experiencing, and who are the people affecting their decision-making process. Being able to answer these questions is vital to your success in converting them into valuable, loyal clients.

Find out what’s on your target audience’s mind below!

Day-to-Day Life

The first thing you will need to tackle is what your target audience’s average day looks like. If they are 20 year old students who are always on the go, they can greatly benefit from Bluetooth earbuds. If they are business-savvy individuals who need to stay in touch with clients from all over the world, a smartwatch is something that can help them keep track of important notifications.

Your product will need to cater to your target audience’s wants and needs. If it solves a re-occurring issue or helps to elevate their quality of life, they are more than likely to become clients. Also, the better you manage to convince them that the product is, in fact, the answer to their prayers, the better are your chances of easily converting them.

Peer Pressure

Humans are some of the most social animals and are often going to follow the norms set by the groups. Just think about it: how many people do you know that own an iPhone? While Apple continuously gives us incredible products, one of the biggest reasons behind their success is the sheer hype surrounding the brand.

Most of the people purchasing Apple products are not tech-savvy and fully understand the potential of the offered features and hardware. What they do understand is that Apple products have become a symbol of social status and a way to fit in with their peers. The feeling of belonging to the larger group has been integrated into the brains of our prehistoric ancestors, and we still have not shaken that off.


Given today’s political climate, it is only natural that events around the world would also affect our decisions as consumers. Whether it is a war between two countries or the global wave of inflation, there are so many events that can make us think twice before committing to something.

While we are not suggesting that you should take advantage of your target audience’s mortal fears, we are saying there is a way to persevere despite such cases. Offering online trading services can serve as a great primary or secondary source of income for your client base, for example. This service, however, is just one of the many options available for you to offer your potential clients. You just need to find the right hook.

Personal Stress Factors

As we have mentioned in the beginning of this article, we must also consider the personal motives that influence our purchases online or offline. If you can convince your target audience that your specific product or service can help them with a personal issue, that could be a strong entry point.

Although it may seem like an impossible task to figure out what a single person’s thought process is, it is actually more common than you think. Most people in your target group will have a common ground of issues. Whether it is their attempt to generate a larger income each month or acquire better earbuds to listen to music on their way to work, there is no limit to the problems the different people who make your target audience share.

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