Top 4 Affiliate Tools You need in Your Toolkit Top 4 Affiliate Tools You need in Your Toolkit

Top 4 Affiliate Tools You need in Your Toolkit

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Over the past few months, we have had several articles discussing the best tools on the market in use by affiliate marketers. From spy tools to affiliate tracking tools and website design building platforms, we have virtually gone through every possible basic tool a digital marketer would need to build, protect, and improve the performance of their preferred platform.

Create the perfect digital marketing toolbox with our experts’ best picks!

Tracking Apps

Tracking Apps - Track your affiliate campaigns' performance with ease.

First up is always a crowd favorite: affiliate trackers. These tools can help you closely monitor each campaign separately or your overall performance across several campaigns. Whether you need to observe your conversion rates, click-through rates, or any other metric, these trackers have them all and allow you to set alerts wherever required.

Our in-house team favors Voluum, though there was some pretty close competition with other affiliate tools. This app is considered the best in the industry and is the product of the second-fastest growing company in Europe. Not only is Voluum offering an unfordable range of packages, but it is also easy to set up and deploy.

The most significant advantages of this tracker are the infinite scalability, one-click optimization, no data limitation, and extensive reporting, just to name a few.

Website Building Apps

Website Building Apps - Build your best affiliate website.

Building a website can be as complex as you want it to be. If you are someone who is well-versed in HTML, CSS, and the like, you can quickly build your own website all by yourself. If you are not too knowledgeable when it comes to code, sometimes it is best that you hire a professional.

Fiverr is where it is at. You can find a professional for anything website design related within seconds, complete with clients” reviews and ratings with their interactions with the vendors. You can find professionals with a wide range of expertise and close your best deal within a matter of a few hours, depending on any time zone difference.

The prices are quite reasonable overall, but any customizations or extras along the way will raise the price. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you start looking for external employees to hire.

Spy Tools

Spy Tools - Spy on your top competitors to become the ultimate affiliate marketer.

One of the undeniably essential affiliate tools is the spy tool. These helpful platforms can help you scope out the competition and see what campaigns worked best for them. While you may not get every single detail regarding the campaigns in question, you will get an idea of what the creative materials looked like, which can help you analyze them.

Our experts’ favorite spy tool is Adbeat, which makes big waves in its niche thanks to its ability to measure the success of your competitors’ affiliate marketing campaigns across several handheld devices, including mobile phones.

The app is also connected to some of the most popular ad networks, such as the Google Display Network, Pulse 360, Adsonar, and DoubleClick. This fact can and will help you more exposure to the big guns in your selected verticals, be they financial or otherwise inclined.

Multi-Factor Authentication Tools

Multi-Factor Authentication Tools - Double down on your account's security mechanisms.

Multi-factor authentication tools are considered the future of cybersecurity by both affiliate marketers and brands across the globe. Single password authentication is not cutting it anymore, as cybercriminals only seem to become wiser and more creative with their techniques. Extreme situations call for drastic measures, and multi-factor authentication tools have become the only way to protect business and private accounts.

Our experts chose Duo Security as their favorite MFA tool. Cisco acquired the company behind this affiliate tool and is considered a trailblazer in data security. You can easily verify your identity with your phone number, a generated token, and a password for that two-step security-based login process.

The app offers excellent prices, a user-friendly interface, and a mobile app if you want to take your affiliate business on the go and test this kind of affiliate tool on another device.

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