4 Biggest Advantages of doing Affiliate SEO in-House 4 Biggest Advantages of doing Affiliate SEO in-House

4 Biggest Advantages of doing Affiliate SEO in-House

Find out why it is in your best interest to keep your online business’ affiliate marketing SEO 'in the family!'

Search engine optimization (AKA SEO) best practices are a compilation of different ways that help your website shoot straight to the top of Google’s search results pages. From optimizing your page loading times to picking out better images, providing clear and essential information backed up by reliable sources and empowered by the right keywords, and getting great backlinks, there is so much to accomplish here.

Some of you may not be well-versed in SEO best practices just yet, and hiring a freelancer may seem like the easy way out – but that might not be in your best interest. In most cases, having a dedicated person on board to ensure everything goes according to plan is the better option.

Discover why you should keep your business’ SEO upkeep in-house below!

A Budget-Friendly Approach

A Budget-Friendly Approach - Affiliate SEO does not have to break your pocket.

Given the nature of freelance work, which is essentially running a business that functions as a one-person show, hiring external employees can prove itself as quite an expense. Most freelance workers are paid by the hour or per project, where prices may vary due to their own experience and the complexity of the challenge at hand.

An affiliate SEO person spends long hours each day maintaining websites, creating progress reports and presentations, handling budgets, and closely following each trend and adjusting their work accordingly. With so many hours and late nights going into this type of job, hiring someone from the outside can lead to a hefty bill.

On the other hand, your in-house employees are paid by a contract where you define how many hours they will work each week. According to this contract, you will pay them and compensate them for extra time based on your budget rather than their expectations.

The Way of the Land

The Way of the Land - An in-house employee will always know your affiliate business better than anyone else.

When it comes to your business’ core messages, KPIs, or best-performing creative materials, the people who will have the upper hand are always your internal workers. When somebody works at your company day in and day out, knowing your brand is natural and almost effortless. The heavy lifting will only be at the beginning of their hiring and employment.

A freelancer, however, will need to be reminded of the factors above, as you probably will not be their only paying client. That can cause confusion at times, as well as mistakes that are not as common as with in-house employees. This is one significant advantage in-house employees have over freelancers, which goes back to our point of also being cost-effective.

Unless you have time and cash to spare, having someone who knows what your brand or services are all about can help you avoid unnecessary migraines related to both.

Easier Communication

Easier Communication - It is easier to communicate a project or goals with a staff member.

When hiring for an affiliate SEO position, you may end up hiring someone who lives far away in the same country or a completely different one. This could put you in the position of working opposite hours between the hired freelancer and your in-house team. This means discussions will be held over emails for the most part, which are a fine method but rarely when compared to live communication.

Even if both parties live in the same time zone, having an employee you can over and have a brief meeting or simply go over a project together is much easier in many cases. These day-to-day discussions also become more manageable when you need to have another member of staff or any other person in the same room.

Your tone or goals can get lost over text, and it can be harder to point certain things out while addressing one project or another. While it is not impossible to have a clear discussion online, it can come with specific challenges.

A Team Effort

A Team Effort - All hands on board are necessary to guarantee your affiliate success.

In any marketing strategy-based team, affiliate SEO plays a major role in the blueprint and can set the tone for both content and design. Deciphering what works best in drawing a more extensive audience is part of the game. As such, it is easier to have everyone sitting together – or, at the very least, creating a hub that is not affected by outside distractions.

A goal-focused, united team that comes together to achieve short- and long-term goals is one of the most potent components when creating your recipe for success. Combined with the common knowledge and same level of understanding of what your company does, who you are targeting, and what you are trying to achieve, there will be very few obstacles in your way. In addition, challenges are easier to conquer when in a group.

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