Doing Affiliate Marketing on Wix Doing Affiliate Marketing on Wix

Doing Affiliate Marketing on Wix

Discover how you should be using Wix for affiliate marketing!

Wix is a well-known company that offers an easy way for users worldwide to easily and quickly create their own websites. The platform has templates for various types of websites, from one-pagers to blogs and eCommerce shops.

One of the most significant advantages Wix holds over its competition is that what can often become a long and code-heavy process is reduced to a drag-and-drop website. Even the least tech-savvy person among your friends would be able to operate it without breaking a sweat.

Many affiliate marketers also use Wix to promote their offers, which is why we have decided to dive into this platform.

Find out how you can benefit from having a Wix-made website below!

Easy and Budget-Friendly

Wix is one of the more budget-friendly platforms on the market nowadays.

Building a full-scale website can cost you more than a few thousand dollars, depending on how complex you want it to be. If you are looking to have a rather simple website, your money will be better spent elsewhere. Wix offers a free account as well as premium accounts for personal use and businesses, the latter of which are under $50 per month in their most expensive package.

With the business accounts, you can enjoy customized reports, client accounts, unlimited bandwidth, secure and recurring online payments, up to 50 GB of storage space, video hours, and the ability to remove the platform’s ads if you want to. Wix even goes as far as providing an option for around-the-clock customer service.

With so many incredible benefits, this deal just may be too good to give up on. Also, the fact that you do not need to know code even at its most basic level makes this offer hard to beat. Oh, and let’s not forget that you can create your website for affiliate marketing on Wix on their mobile app.

A Wide Variety of Templates

Create your own design or choose from their existing templates.

Got a specific template in mind? Wix probably got you covered for whatever affiliate website you may be looking to build with more than 800 different templates. From Coming Soon landing page designs to various businesses such as tech and AI companies, this platform leaves very little to be desired.

For our eCommerce savvy folks, there are different types of stores you can choose from based on the products you sell, be they beauty and health products or sporting goods. Whatever it is you are looking for in terms of design, it is probably already there.

These numerous templates can be easily adjusted to your specific wants and needs by dragging and dropping elements around, changing the color schemes, and changing the texts to fit your business’ specific attributes and target audience.

That being said, you can always forget the templates and create something that is completely your own.

eCommerce made Simple

Building your online shop has never been easier.

If you thought that was all Wix had to offer affiliate marketers such as yourself, think again. The company knew eCommerce was coming in hot and created its very own unified dashboard. This dashboard helps you run your shop and offers and keep your business’ social media presence. With the addition of taking care of payments and providing everything you need with its end-to-end solutions, affiliate marketing on Wix has become the one to beat.

Wix’s infrastructure is another added bonus, which helps your business stay reliable, quick, and secure. With its scale options to enterprise grade security, there will be nothing that could stand in your way.

While you could still create your eCommerce website all on your own, Wix still offers you the option to hire a professional should you need one for any reason.

Doing eCommerce affiliate marketing via Wix makes your job a much easier one, so we encourage you to consider moving at least one of your running websites to this platform.

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