4 Ways to identify a Great Affiliate Network 4 Ways to identify a Great Affiliate Network

4 Ways to identify a Great Affiliate Network

Find the right affiliate marketing network and get your best deals yet!

Like most affiliate marketers in the industry, you have had several attempts at direct partnerships with advertisers in your niche market. While there are definite advantages (no middlemen), there are quite a few disadvantages. For example, if the advertiser decides to behave in a suspicious manner and hides how your campaigns are standing conversion-wise, thus shaving off your hard-earned commissions.

While this scenario sounds bleak, it does happen. Furthermore, the affiliate manager employed by the advertiser is more likely to back up its employer even if they know you have been wronged.

On a network, things are quite different. Advertisers and affiliates are treated as equal partners, and the affiliate managers are unbiased. This means they are more likely to fight for you to get paid accordingly and on time.

So, how can you find the network that will best serve you and your business’ interests?

Read the rest of the article and discover the key factors to a successful network below!

Target Locked

One of the main factors determining whether a network you have been checking out is the affiliate network for you is the targeting. You need to share the focus of your network to ensure a supreme collaboration, which has to do with GEOs in certain tiers, age range, gender, interests, and other identifying attributes of your target audience.

This common ground further speaks to the extent of your shared verticals. If you are running affiliate campaigns designed to bring in finance-oriented traffic and the network is looking to buy Nutra or dating traffic, the fit might not be right. While some market niches share the same target audience, it is essential to establish this work frame before executing a campaign.

Continuous Optimization

Continuous Optimization - All strive for better results together.

Optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns is integral to any successful campaign, regardless of your market niche, target group, or offer. It is a necessary step that allows you to adjust your campaign based on real-time results, and the network you join should make an equal effort to ensure that the partnership is lucrative.

This course of action helps you stay on track with your affiliate marketing campaigns and get better results over time. Knowing when to optimize a campaign is just as crucial as getting the right creative materials or the optimal characteristics for your targeting.

Customer Success

Customer Success - Your success is the affiliate network's success.

As we have mentioned above, ensuring a successful partnership between the affiliate marketer and brands should be at the forefront of the affiliate network’s business strategy. This means that there are guidelines that dictate a healthy flow of traffic that ultimately converts into FTDs.

It is important that the account managers on either side do not merely match up brands and publishers but also hold both accountable. Teamwork makes the dream work is not just a slogan but a solid business behavior.

Opportunities for Growth

Opportunities for Growth - Maximize your monetized affiliate traffic.

Last but not least is whether your network of choice offers you opportunities to grow and expand your business. For example, testing new GEO locations or deals within your market niches. Even better, they offer to help you start running campaigns in new verticals you have yet to explore.

The more options you can dive into, the better. Some verticals such as online trading, have seasons resembling ebb and flow, whereas others, like eCommerce, are more of an evergreen. Ultimately, not one vertical is resistant to change or always delivers a steady stream of traffic. There will be times when your performance is higher than others, and that is inevitable.

Why choose ROI Collective

At ROI Collective, our main goal is to help top-tier affiliates and brands find their best match and lucrative new business opportunities. As the middlemen, our affiliate network can guarantee a successful partnership that leaves all parties satisfied. Outstanding performance and incredible traffic are the most significant advantages we have to offer.

Our unique setup ensures that we can provide just that – a long-standing partnership that can go the distance regardless of any industry-wide changes or significant market events. We deliver exceptional results every time, and we have proven that for the past 6 years or so.

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