The Biggest Affiliate Conferences around the World The Biggest Affiliate Conferences around the World

The Biggest Affiliate Conferences around the World

Here are the largest affiliate marketing events you should not miss!

An essential part of being an affiliate marketer is knowing where to meet your natural partners, be they networks, brokerages, or service providers, and building longstanding partnerships that will bring you your desired results.

But where can you meet as many of them as possible?

Affiliates marketing and digital marketing events are the way to go and luckily for you there are more than you can fit into one year of traveling all over the world. From the United States to Thailand, we got you covered. We even went digging from coast to coast.

Get our recommendations for the best affiliate events below!

Affiliate World

Perhaps one of the largest and most popular event producers is none other than Affiliate World. They have three annual events in Dubai, Barcelona, and Bangkok with about 3000 guests in total. Their guests, exhibitors, and sponsors consist of large brands, affiliate networks, ad networks, and various service providers.

The event is open to affiliate marketers and business of all verticals, from finance to adult, dating, Nutra, and eCommerce. Basically, you can find new opportunities for collaborations and partnerships in your verticals or venture into new ones with relative ease.

Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit is yet another very big producer of affiliate conferences and has one or two annual events in the United States, where affiliate marketers and eCommerce experts can meet. Affiliate Summit East takes place in New York in July/August, whereas Affiliate Summit West takes place in Las Vegas in January.

Affiliate Summit offers a wide range of informative lectures and educational workshops for beginners and pro affiliate marketers. Much like its predecessor mentioned above, Affiliate Summit is a great place to get started.


Sigma stands out quite a bit from its competitors given that not only does the company arrange affiliate events, but it is also one of the top providers of performance marketing solutions. Naturally, their event makes it to the top of several lists. The event will be held in mid-March in Dubai this year, and their panel of guest speakers is the one to beat (though they are holding onto this title with an iron grip).

With so many of the affiliate and digital marketing industry’s strongest players in attendance, this event is one for the books.

IGB Affiliate

Last but definitely not least is the IGB affiliate event in London, where the iGaming vertical’s biggest players meet. The schedule for this event is filled to the brim with keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and exciting panel discussions related to both digital and affiliate marketing topics of every kind.

While the vertical list might be more concise than the others, there is much to gain by heading to this event.

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