The 4 Best Affiliate Platforms The 4 Best Affiliate Platforms

The 4 Best Affiliate Platforms

Read our review of the top-performing affiliate marketing platforms!

The day-to-day struggles of the average affiliate marketer can create quite a bit of pressure as they have to juggle several balls simultaneously. From tracking your affiliate campaigns’ overall and individual performance to optimizing them for the best results, you will have your plate full of things to handle daily. If only there were an intelligent tool that could take care of everything.

Technically speaking, there is a tool just like this: marketing affiliate platforms. These platforms are tools dedicated to helping you keep a close eye on your business’ performance. They also create a marketplace for affiliate marketers, making it easier to cultivate new business opportunities with brokers and networks.

Dive in and get our recommendations for state-of-the-art platforms!


First up is definitely an all-star among the affiliate platforms in today's market.

Established in 2016, Everflow’s platform shows proven results of its undeniable success in the digital marketing industry. In 2020, the company had a revenue of $1.39 billion and payouts of $1.1 billion. This platform allows its users to have more than one type of partnership such as media buying, influencers, and others. Brands and ad networks can also enjoy tailored action plans if they want to explore that option.

Some of this affiliate platform’s biggest advantages are performance and impression tracking and analytics, variance reporting, direct linking, instant setup, and customer support. The platform further offers fraud detection, bulk messaging, affiliate and commission groups, marketing asset management, etc.

The minimum price per subscriber starts at $750, but the services more than justify the cost.


This affiliate platform makes affiliate marketing seem like a cakewalk.

Next up is Cake, which offers its clientele some pretty sweet deals. This marketing software company has been around since 2010 and can be used to create, optimize and manage partner affiliate marketing campaigns. Among the more prominent brands on its client list, you would be able to find Alaska Airlines, Lyft, and other notable titans in several niche markets.

Cake offers real-time insights, pixel whitelisting, and risk management. The platform also has a variety of customizable email templates to upgrade your email marketing game and keep up with the hottest trends in this digital marketing method. Other incredible benefits of this unique app include, but are not limited to, real-time reporting, voucher code support, and role access control.

Please contact the company to learn more about Cake’s special packages.


Hit the ground running while delivering your best affiliate campaigns yet.

Third on our list is Impact, a powerful, award-winning affiliate platform that aims to redefine and optimize how the industry approaches marketing campaigns. Impact strives to help clients increase their business growth, from affiliate marketers to influencers and publishers. This platform has made it to the top of lists on The Drum, Business Insider, and Business Intelligence.

The platform enables users to build their own dream team with the discovery and automation tools, and its payment solutions let them set their flexible, paperless contracting with the added bonus of cross-over payments among partners.

You can also integrate Impact with CRM platforms, and in 2021 the company introduced new features such as forecasting and anomaly detection, which helps you gain insights into seasonal trends, data history, performance metrics, and product listings.

Like its previous competitor, the pricing is available only through the sales team, but here you can request a demo account before committing to anything.

Omnistar Affiliate

Become an affiliate marketing legend with this unique platform.

Last but definitely not least on our list is a platform with a score of 4.9 on Capterra – Omnistar Affiliate, serving more than 16,000 businesses in eCommerce, healthcare, and real estate, among various other verticals.

If you are running affiliate campaigns for eCommerce or have your own web-based shop, you would be pleased to know that this specific affiliate platform integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and BigCommerce, just to name a few of the more popular choices available.

This platform also allows brands and affiliates to share email templates, banners, and other creative materials. This feature helps you promote the products and keeps branding consistent over time.

So, what makes Omnistar Affiliate a platform to watch?

Its numerous features include social media sharing, a user-friendly setup wizard, multi-level marketing, promo code tracking, and other incredible tools to ensure your success. In addition, you get a 15-day free trial, after which the price of your subscription starts at $47. Out of all the platforms we have recommended, this one is the most pocket-friendly, which can be a massive advantage if you are just starting to get your affiliate business off the ground.

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