ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

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We are back once again with our statistics from our most successful campaigns in December. We are bringing you data collected from our top-performing geos worldwide to our best market niches, so that you can get some forward guidance regarding your campaigns this month.

As we all know, December and January are marked and heavily influenced by the holiday season, given that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are barely a week apart from each other. This often results in brands restricting their affiliate traffic or even stopping traffic altogether.

Curious to see just how well we did last month?

Let’s dive into our monthly digest below!

  • Germany and Australia had the best results on Facebook with over 14,000 and 16,000 clicks and conversion rates 10.69% and 13.76%, respectively. The C2L rates were 8.81 and 5.57, as well.
  • The UK had 784 on the Facebook campaign and a conversion rate of 11.63% across 705 leads in total. The C2L rate was estimated at 89.92.
  • On a Google search campaign, Australia rang in 721 clicks and 665 leads. The conversion rate reached around 9.47%, and the C2L rate was estimated at 92.23.
  • On a different Facebook campaign, Australia got 633 clicks and 627 leads, as well as 73 FTDs. The conversion rate stood at 11.64%, and the C2L rate reached 99.05.

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ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

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