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ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

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Despite being a bit tardy with February’s performance overview, we can safely say that it was worth the wait. We saw many successful affiliate campaigns exceed our expectations, and we have our partners to thank for such exceptional results.

See how well our affiliate campaigns did in February by reading the rest of the article below!

  • Campaign number #1 in Germany showed 11606 clicks on Facebook, which resulted in 1404 signups and a 11.89% conversion rate. The click to lead rate was estimated at around 12%, and the CPA stood at $1000.
  • Campaign number #2 in France on Google search accumulated 1275 clicks overall, out of which 1086 leads registered. The conversion rate was 7.45%, and the CPA reached $750. The click to lead rate transcended 85%.
  • Campaign number #3 in Austria and Germany on Facebook had 522 and 305 clicks, respectively. As for the conversion rates for each geo location, they were pretty much neck in neck with almost 9.5% and 8.53%. The click to lead rates stood at about 85% and 96%, respectively.
  • Campaign #4 in the UK on Facebook and GDN brought 1029 clicks overall, out of which 760 leads signed up and the conversion rate stood at 8.4%. The CPA was estimated at $1000. In Brazil, the same campaign had almost 1500 clicks, 719 registrations, and a conversion rate of almost 3% at CPA of $450.

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ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

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