ROI Collective’s Affiliate Network Digest ROI Collective’s Affiliate Network Digest

ROI Collective’s Affiliate Network Digest

Get our affiliate marketing network’s stats while they are still hot!

We are kicking off with a new corner on the ROI Collective official blog and are proud to present you with our stats for our best geos. Each month, we will bring you the analysis of the last month, so you can get the full scope of what we are working on. This analysis can also help you decide which geos you would like to target next in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive into November’s hottest statistics!

  • In November 2022, The United Kingdom and the Netherlands secured their spots at the top of the charts with a conversion rate of about 20.53% and 19.05% on the News Spy campaign, respectively. The affiliate traffic sources were mixed and consisted of Google Display ads and push traffic.
  • Not far behind, Ireland got very close with an 18.18% conversion rate on the same campaign through Google Search ads.
  • France managed to reach over 8247 clicks on this campaign and had a conversion rate of 7.4%.
  • On the Amazon campaign, Austria and Germany took the lead in terms of conversion ran rates of 10.5% and 6.9%, respectively. Italy was close behind them with a conversion rate of 6.45%.
  • The most clicks were scored by Mexico and Peru. Mexico had over 620 clicks, whereas Peru saw more than 420 clicks.

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