ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

Discover the best affiliate marketing campaigns we had in January!

Albeit a bit late, we are back with our monthly digest for the month of January. As always, we are about to dive into our best performing affiliate campaigns in the previous month. This will provide you with helpful information as to which offers may work better this month, as well.

Without further a Dieu, here are our top performing campaigns’ statistics.

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  • General campaign number 1 saw Japan in the lead with 775 clicks, which resulted in 741 signups, 73 FTDs, and a conversion rate of almost 10 percent on Facebook. The CPA rate stood at $1000.
  • General campaign number 2 had Sweden topping the charts with Google search ads, which showed 760 clicks, 699 signups and a conversion rate of 10.3 percent with 72 FTDs in total. The CPA rate was estimated at $1200.
  • General campaign number 3 was overtaken by Germany on Facebook with 690 clicks and 680 signups. The conversion rate reached 13.82 percent with 94 FTDs. The CPA rate was $1000.
  • General campaign number 4 saw Australia rising to the top on Facebook and GDN with 519 clicks, out of which 484 resulted in signups. The conversion rate stood at approximately 9.29 percent and 45 FTDs overall. The CPA rate was $1000.

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ROI Collective’s Monthly Digest

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