5 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tips 5 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tips

5 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tips

Watch your business go supernova with our expert-approved affiliate tips!

If you have been involved in an online-based for the past years, you could testify that digital marketing can be an exciting journey filled with twists and turns – or it could be a complete nightmare. For most independent affiliate marketers, it is a mix of the two. From dealing with differing regulatory guidelines to getting your social media ad accounts up and running, the challenges seem to pile up.

We could go on and on (and on..) about everything that could go wrong, but today we would like to focus on how you can make your business a massive success.

Discover the 5 incredible tips that will take your performance from meh to OMG!

User Experience trumps All

Your website's UI/UX and the user experience are the building blocks of your business.

As an online business, your end users are the best measure and indicator of your success. Whether you are closely following your first-time deposits (FTDs), click-through rates, registered leads, or any other aspect of this sort, there is no denying the power they hold over your business. One of the best affiliate marketing tips we can give is that the sooner you recognize this dynamic and learn how to nurture it, the better.

To achieve the best user experience, get an expert UI/UX designer to have a look at your website. You may need to change visuals or improve the functionality of your platform based on their assessment and suggestions.

Attack from More than One Angle

If you send out a campaign on one or two channels, you are missing the entire point of an affiliate campaign. That statement may sound harsh, but two channels are the bare minimum at best and will not get you far in terms of exposure to your desired target audience. A robust digital marketing plan has a strategy focused on spreading the business model on the relevant platforms.

Make sure to follow the requirements of each of your channels to avoid having your ads removed or accounts blocked. The issues above usually refer to your choice of text or image, but they can get you in hot water with Facebook and Google if you are not careful.

Focus on Your Ads

Create kickass ads for your best performance when targeting any audience.

A common mistake many digital marketers make is being careless when creating their ads, never stopping to think about the 5 steps ahead of them. This scenario usually results in sloppy-looking ads that fail to hit the mark with their target audience. With powerful social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube, each with millions of active users worldwide, they are obviously making the wrong choice by putting poorly made ads out there to promote their offers.

Our affiliate marketing tip? Your next step from here is to create a dynamic and engaging ad that leaves your affiliate leads wanting more – and leading them straight to your website or landing page to inquire about your offer.

Keep Your Reputation Squeaky Clean

“Nice guys finish last” might be the oldest cliché in the book, but at least they do not get blackballed by major platforms worldwide. Blackhat techniques may seem a great way to attract more potential leads easily, but they might cost your business. We strongly recommend that you play by Google’s rules in this case and stay the course, even if it takes you longer to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Resurrecting a blocked or restricted account can become a difficult experience when you have done nothing wrong. We do not want to imagine what kind of challenges you would have to face if you actually went ahead and broke the law somehow.

Remarketing as a Repeating Cycle

Promote your offers and don't forget to remarket them.

Many leads who stumble across your offers online will not convert the first time they see them. This applies not only to online trading services but also to eCommerce-related offers. This is where remarketing enters the picture. Remarketing is basically the art of gently wooing your affiliate marketing leads by placing ads as reminders of your offers on other websites.

One of the best examples of this affiliate marketing tip is when you go to YouTube and see an ad for a recently visited website. It is a non-intrusive way of ensuring your would-be clients will not easily forget your website or other ads they have seen before moving onto other websites for whatever reason.

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