Voice SEO Affiliate Marketing is Here Voice SEO Affiliate Marketing is Here

Voice SEO Affiliate Marketing is Here

Boost your use of Affiliate SEO best practices by adding Voice-activated search to your website!

Search Engine Optimization plays a big part in boosting your affiliate business’ presence online, whether it is your website or social media accounts. The better your grasp and application of SEO best practices is, the more exposure your business will have to the right target audience. It can take a while to fully understand how everything works, but once you get the hang of it flows pretty easily.

While there are the tried-and-true classics such as keywords, image alt texts, and the like, there are newer ones that you should explore once you have the basics down like voice-activated search.

Never heard of voice search?

Then let’s dive into the rest of the article below!

What is Voice SEO?

With the introduction of voice-oriented assistants like Alexa and the dramatic rise in voice-based searches online on both Google and Bing. By adding this feature, you would be able to get on the search engines’ radar for searches by potential clients.

You can also include the use of conversational terms and phrases, which is referred to as long-tail+. Because this type of search mimics conversations, it only makes sense to add these kinds of texts. While critics of this method tend to argue that adapting your texts to support voice searches is irrelevant since it is made in text form first, there is no denying the power voice SEO affiliate marketing has on the market.

How is Voice Search changing the SEO Game?

With AI taking over the driver’s seat across several devices such as Apple and Android smartphones, it is only natural that we would see voice searches get this much publicity. About 65% of those who purchased Amazon Echo or Google Home said they cannot see themselves going back to searching online the way they did before.

Thanks to voice SEO affiliate marketing, eCommerce sales in the US alone stood at $40 billion and $5 billion in the UK in 2022. The leading searches were for deals, sales, and promotions, as well as personalized tips. Voice search is still considered a pretty new feature, so digital marketers and brands are trying to assess how it might affect their niche markets.

The Importance of optimizing for Voice SEO

As Forbes put it, the first step is recognizing that this feature – and its impact on digital marketing practices – is here to stay. There is no way around it at this point, and the rate voice search is going right now it is only a matter of time before it overtakes the market.

The second step is to decipher what issues your potential leads might be dealing with and how your product can help solve them. Then you can decide what might be the relevant terms and phrases for your affiliate business, and how to use them to improve your website’s use of voice SEO affiliate marketing.

You can find the answer to that question by checking out Google’s answer box for the most searched combos. The more directly you can answer their burning questions, the higher are your chances of winning them over.

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