The 5 Best paying Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022 The 5 Best paying Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022

The 5 Best paying Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022

This week’s article can help you find the best affiliate niche within minutes!

If you are looking to get into a new niche market or simply want to check out how your current verticals are holding up against the others, this article is just what the doctor ordered. This week, we will be discussing the best paying verticals in the affiliate marketing industry this year. From dietary supplements to dating and finances, we have got them all.

Join us as we dive into the most lucrative market niches in the affiliate marketing industry and gauge your competition below!

Online Trading

One of the the strongest financial market niches in none other than online trading.

The online trading verticals are some of the most popular niches, and many affiliates pursue them via blogs that discuss market events, live trading signals, or social media channels or groups on Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram where they share trading tools or tips in order to attract the right target group. The latter usually consists of mostly men in their mid-twenties to their mid-forties looking to open a portfolio and invest in various assets.

A large number of affiliates offer welcome bonuses, eBooks, or trading robots to lure in more affiliate marketing leads. The affiliates in this niche are some of the highest earners in the industry. The standard is about $100 commission per FTD (the latter may differ according to the GEO location).


A gaming set, including a controller and AI goggles, is placed on a table.

Yet another financial vertical with a promising forecast is iGaming. This industry benefitted dramatically from the covid-19 lockdowns, which encouraged many players to seek thrills online rather than at brick-and-mortar locations. The vertical also gave its target audience of players a way to play with others online and enjoy rewards despite being stuck at home for long periods.

As we have stated above, the iGaming affiliate marketing niche has a positive outlook for the next three years – and with a good reason. Pandemic aside, this vertical is open to legal adults (may differ from one country to another), offers many opportunities to win exciting rewards, and can chat with other users while playing. With minimal restrictions on players and lower fees for opening an account (an FTD ranges between $10-$20), getting affiliate leads through the door is incredibly easy.

“This week, we will be discussing the best paying verticals in the affiliate marketing industry this year. From dietary supplements to dating and finances, we have got them all.”


From probiotics to beauty, it's all about the health supplements here, folks.

Third on our list is one of the more popular verticals: Nutra, also known as herbal supplements. This vertical deals with beauty products, weight loss, hair treatments, and nutritional supplements. The herbal supplements industry has taken the affiliate marketing industry by storm, boosted by the growing awareness of personal health and the need to be more mindful of what the human body needs other than proper nourishment and a regular workout routine.

Each of these sub-affiliate marketing niches has its own specific target audience. Hair loss treatment ads usually target men in their mid-twenties to late thirties. In contrast, beauty products target women of all ages (though anti-aging production may be an exception). Weight loss also appeals to a wide range of people regardless of age, gender, or socio-economic background.


As it turns out, finding the one makes for a killer market niche.

Thanks to people’s interest in finding the right romantic partners, this next vertical is an evergreen one. Some of the most well-known apps are none other than good old Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, where users can easily create their profiles within mere minutes and find others with similar interests to theirs. Dating bloggers and coaches are the most likely to push this vertical while giving out their advice.

With several billion users worldwide, this is one vertical that is unlikely to fade out anytime soon. Especially in recent years, people are more likely to search for love online as partnerships evolve beyond what was once acceptable (almost 30% of engaged millennial couples met online). Additionally, society is becoming more familiar with the comfort dating apps can offer them.


Many affiliates find themselves drawn to promoting the vast world of online shopping.

Lastly, we have the notorious eCommerce vertical promoting various high in-demand products. The latter may include any tangible product from a specific brand of shoes to innovative household items or sporting equipment. If plenty of people are willing to buy a particular product, you can rest assured that this is an affiliate marketing niche can offer you some exciting opportunities.

Thrill-seeking aside, eCommerce is an overflowing market. There are numerous online stores and private sellers on websites such as Ali Express and Amazon – and there are even more affiliate marketers backing up their digital marketing strategy. This translates to high competition and very low rates per sale.

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