Your Guide to PPC Affiliate Marketing Your Guide to PPC Affiliate Marketing

Your Guide to PPC Affiliate Marketing

Make the most of your PPC affiliate business with this week’s guide!

Pay per Click (better known as PPC) is one of the most popular ways to manufacture affiliate marketing campaigns and draw leads. The affiliate marketer bids per the perceived value of the click on his campaign in correlation to his chosen keywords, advertising platforms, and the attributes of his target audience.

PPC affiliate campaigns can increase lead generation and conversions in the form of FTDs, but they also promote brand awareness, making it highly sought-after traffic.

Discover what makes this digital marketing method a favorite among affiliate marketers and advertisers!

But what makes PPC such an effective Digital Marketing Method?

Learn what makes PPC one of the best affiliate traffic campaign methods.

This model is all about what is relevant to the interests of your targeted end-users. Whether you are promoting a service or product, you have to make sure it is something they are actively looking for online. If your client is looking for the latest MacBook Air, that is what the ad should show them.

As long as you have your eyes on the prize, there is a high chance that your PPC campaigns will be successful.

It also does not hurt that Google display and search ads make up the bulk of these campaigns, and we all know by now that Google is the go-to search engine for billions of users all over the world. This is, without a doubt, the biggest PPC affiliate marketing platform to date.

Keywords and Negative Keywords

Choose your PPC affiliate marketing campaigns' keywords wisely.

When you choose your keywords for a PPC campaign, you will need to choose the most relevant ones and build your ads around them. Seven cases include the exact keywords and phrases or ones featuring typos and other variants.

There are also broad matches that refer to the phrases typed into orders, which would then appear in ads on the end-users’ search engines or supporting websites. A modified broad match would feature queries entered into any order but would have to have the plus sign present.

Lastly, a session-based broad match considers other queries from the end-user’s search history.

In addition, you can further use negative keywords to avoid bringing in unqualified affiliate marketing leads. For example, you can choose words such as “free” or “cheap” as negative keywords, and then your ad will not show queries containing them.

Campaign Types and Targeting

Create your ideal PPC affiliate marketing campaigns for the best results.

As for PPC affiliate marketing campaigns, there are four major campaign types you need to be aware of:

  • Search Network. This ad type is probably the most popular one and, at times, the most effective. The search network consists of Google and its partners like Amazon on a primarily keyword-based advertising platform.
  • Display Network. This one can pop up on millions of websites that are willing to feature image and video-based Google ads. The ads are shown as part of the website and rely on targeting demographics and audiences.
  • Search Network with Display Opt-in. This method combines the first two options, where you can create a search campaign and opt into the display network. However, there is one catch: Google’s algorithms will determine where your ads perform the best, which takes the control away from you.
  • Product Listing Ads. Last but definitely not least, product listing ads can be uploaded to Google and Microsoft. After submitting the data into Google’s Merchant Center, you can create shopping campaigns in Google Ads. Here is one case where you do not use keywords.

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