The Top 3 Factors that affect Your Affiliate Commission The Top 3 Factors that affect Your Affiliate Commission

The Top 3 Factors that affect Your Affiliate Commission

Identify the key aspects that can make or break your affiliate marketing commission!

A good affiliate marketer always has his eyes on the prize. That means very little can stand in his way of getting his coveted commission, but what key factors may significantly affect his earnings every two weeks or at the end of each month?

Given that money is the endgame here, it is important that you fully comprehend how your commission flat or fixed rate is calculated when dealing with any brokerage or affiliate network. There are, however, a few ways for you to dramatically increase your earnings, so it is fundamental that you know what they are.

Discover the most influential factors by reading the rest of the article below!

Performance Tiers

Reaching different quotas can mean higher commissions.

The first reward system is quite popular, where affiliates are delegated into groups according to their performance. This, in turn, helps the brokerage or network in question know how to calculate the affiliate commissions and pushes the affiliates to strive higher in their affiliate marketing campaigns. This method is frequently used in day-to-day offerings and in special campaigns for new and existing affiliates.

A special bonus or an increase in the existing bonus system is then introduced per the affiliates’ results. Let’s say you can get an extra $30 per 100 FTDs, $60 per 300 FTDs, and so on. The logic here is crystal clear; the better your results are by a certain date, the higher your commissions will be. Of course, reaching the biggest bonus is challenging, which is usually reserved for the top dogs on the operators’ lists.

First Sale Bonuses vs. VIP Commissions

FTD and VIP commissions also play a big role in how you get rewarded for your efforts.

Yet another well-known method is the first sale or deposit bonus. This reward system can be based on fixed or increased commissions depending on the broker or network’s best interest in order to give affiliates an incentive to bring in more FTDs or sales per their relevant niche markets. The different reward levels can then be separated by the number of FTDs or the amount of each FTD.

On the other hand, VIP commissions are reserved for the broker or network’s most valuable players whom the operators prefer to pay higher commissions as incentives. As the name implies, this service is not offered to everyone, and your affiliate traffic will have to prove itself in a high conversion rate and other metrics that can make you qualify for VIP offers and conditions.

Recruitment Incentives

Recruiting and introducing affiliates can also increase your earnings.

We actually covered this topic just two weeks ago here on our blog, which is the master affiliate program. Master affiliate programs offer a unique opportunity where you refer other affiliates to a brokerage or network and get commissions for their FTDs. The industry standard is around 3-5% affiliate commission, which in itself is not very high, you have a chance to nurture your networking skills and increase your monthly earnings.

In this case, the rules are a bit different as you need to ensure that you bring brand-new affiliates and introduce them to the operators.e operators. As always, you are encouraged to bring your A game, especially when you are weeding out affiliates’ whose traffic is anything that might be considered sub-par. Your incentive here is to introduce affiliates who can help you gain incredible commissions with high conversion rates and FTDs by the bucket.

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