Cross-Device Affiliate Marketing Tracking and Targeting Cross-Device Affiliate Marketing Tracking and Targeting

Cross-Device Affiliate Marketing Tracking and Targeting

Discover one of the most powerful affiliate marketing tracking methods!

Before we begin, take a quick recount of all the devices in your possession. Over 84% of households in the United States alone have at least one smartphone, and 80% have a desktop computer or laptop on hand. Tablets make up 68% of ownership, and at least 39% have a connected TV device such as Apple TV. Unless you have been living under a rock, we are willing to bet you have an iPhone or Android operated smartphone, at the very least.

This leads us to this week’s hot topic: cross-device tracking and targeting. We have spoken about mobile campaigns a few times in past articles, but today we would like to tackle this even broader topic.

Let’s dive into this comprehensive tracking and targeting method below!

What’s Cross-Device Tracking?

As the name implies, this method runs across several platforms at the same time, taking into consideration and utilizing the different ways your target audience might be accessing the internet and interacting with businesses. This method of affiliate tracking and targeting helps you reach potential customers by placing ads across more than 1 platform.

With an average of 3 devices per person according to recent surveys, the more, the merrier definitely applies here. Then, you track how your target group interacted with your ads for the cross-device targeting aspect of this strategy.

In addition, once you know how your target audience behaves on each of these platforms, you would have a much clearer image of what type of advertising works.

Why use the Cross-Device in the First Place?

If statistics alone were not enough to convince, perhaps the fact that attacking one access point greatly limits how you might interact (and, ultimately, convert) your target audience. There are, however, a few more benefits you should look at, as well.

  • This method does not only help you acquaint yourself with your target audience, but to also expand it to bring in even more relevant clients over time.
  • It gives you a comprehensive view of your target group’s conversion process’ flow, strengths, and weaknesses, assisting you in improving your campaigns and performance.
  • This method of affiliate marketing tracking and targeting can also do wonders in terms of your rebranding campaigns.

So far, there are no red flags that you should be wary of when handling this digital marketing strategy. We would advise you to start small if you are a newbie affiliate marketer, but if you are a pro feel free to dive in and make your splash in your niche market.

How can You use Cross-Device Tracking to Your Advantage?

The classic cross-device method is usually applied to conversion-based affiliate campaigns, where the lead would first come across it on their smartphone and on their desktop computer or laptop later on. There are quite a few ways in which you could use this highly effective method:

  • Holiday Campaigns. Nothing ups sales like the holiday season. People are more likely to be on the hunt for gifts, and that generosity is often accompanied by a credit card readily available.
  • Display Campaigns on a Connected TV. Another great method is to follow up on the campaign by placing display ads for viewers who saw your commercial or testimonial video ad on YouTube.
  • Affiliate Campaigns with Small Target Audiences. Last but not least is the opportunity to use the cross-device affiliate marketing tracking and targeting strategy on smaller target groups, which could help you increase your conversion rate.

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