How to bounce back from a rejected Affiliate Marketing Campaign How to bounce back from a rejected Affiliate Marketing Campaign

How to bounce back from a rejected Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Thought that one bad affiliate campaign was the end of your career? Think again!

Seeing your campaign being rejected or shut down by Google or Facebook can do a real number on your confidence as an affiliate marketer, but do not let that make you pump the breaks on your career. Every failed campaign is a new opportunity for you to grow and improve your business and your battle tactics in order to do better next time.

While you may feel discouraged, especially if you had a string of poorly performing affiliate campaigns, there is always more than one way of turning things around.

Learn how to recover from your bad campaigns by reading the rest of the article below!

Identify the Issues

There could be a wide range of issues that could cause Google, Facebook, and a variety of other platforms and ad networks to shut down your campaigns. It may seem arbitrary at times, and while there are always grounds to ask for a review by the support team, you need to be aware of their rules and guidelines.

Affiliate marketing campaigns can be closed or stopped for an abundance of reasons including but not limited to the platform’s community guidelines, the target country’s regulations, or the algorithms detecting a hint of something that can be considered problematic for whatever reason (immodest image, foul language, social issues, or cultural insensitiveness, etc..).

When creating any sort of ad, you need to make sure you are working within the guidelines, as strict as they may be. There is no way around it, unfortunately, and this will require some creative thinking and staying limber on your side. The more aware you are of these issues, the more likely you are to succeed next time.

Run A/B Testing

As much as regulatory rules may affect your affiliate campaigns’ success, there is also the matter of your offers themselves. If the offer is bad or considered unattractive by your target audience, there is little that will be able to save it. Even if you get conversions, the player value may not be up to par to keep a steady cash flow once you hand them over to the network or the advertisers.

One way of testing this point is to run A/B testing, where you put two versions of the same campaign against each other to determine which one of them performed better. You could check the number of clicks, the C2L rates, conversion rates, or any other metric or aspect you can think of.

The one that did better in this round is the one that you will continue with onto the next level. We also strongly advise you to consider trying and improve the less successful drive up your performance there.

Find Creative Solutions

As we have discussed this point several times in the past, your ability to change and adapt your business approach to fit the criteria and needs of your target audience is a make-or-break kind of deal. Being able to go with the flow and find new solutions to recurring issues is also a must have in this type of industry.

Trying new elements or tactics can be intimidating, but what is even scarier is having your affiliate marketing campaigns continue to fail simply because you are unwilling to let go of what does not serve you.

Using tools such as Similar Web and its competitors can give you a helpful insight into what works best for your top competition according to the geo location they are targeting, among other factors. This can also assist you in deciphering which deals or offers have worked best for them. Though we are not encouraging you to copy their ideas, taking inspiration from them can help you see if you are on the right track with your own campaigns.

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