4 Best Affiliate Traffic Sources for the Online Trading Verticals 4 Best Affiliate Traffic Sources for the Online Trading Verticals

4 Best Affiliate Traffic Sources for the Online Trading Verticals

Discover the top-performing affiliate marketing traffic sources in the financial verticals!

Finding the market niche where you cultivate your affiliate success can be a long and sometimes challenging journey, especially when you need to figure out how and where to approach your target audience. While your creative materials and offers play a significant role in your strategy, picking a suitable hunting ground is every bit as necessary.

Though different regulatory guidelines and cultural differences can be some of the bigger issues affiliate marketers encounter, there is also the issue of which traffic sources work best in your specific vertical. If you target audiences in the online trading and investing verticals, this week’s article is just what the doctor ordered.

Learn which traffic sources perform better in the financial verticals below!


Facebook - with so much affiliate traffic potential, you'd be mad not to use this source.

This social media titan is not just a great place to stay connected to family members and friends, but its mad client base makes it the ultimate place to approach your potential leads in almost any GEO location. Whether you target the United States, Europe, Australia, or the Middle East, this affiliate traffic source is not something you would want to sleep on.

Moreover, Facebook users are versatile, and you can find different age groups, interests, and other characteristics that can help you identify and engage with your target audience.

In addition to its incredible exposure, Facebook’s Business Manager lets you easily and quickly create your own paid campaigns and offers an excellent tracking service through various metrics. Just follow the platform’s guidelines and text or image limitations. Organic posts are also a considerable contribution if you have a dedicated page or group.


Google - The internet's biggest search engine is also a great hunting ground for affiliate traffic.

The world-renowned web-based search engine is yet another exceptional traffic source that can reach your potential clients worldwide with incredible ease. With a large client base of its own and various sizes of banners, this platform lets you go all out with your affiliate marketing campaigns – and you can even connect them to landing pages or your website of your choosing.

Much like Facebook, Google further has its own set of regulatory guidelines on top of the countries’ laws, so you will need to be mindful of that.

Additionally, Google grades your affiliate campaigns per text and image, so this can help you optimize your creative materials. The Google Console also comes equipped with several tools designed to better your performance, whether via closely tracking incoming results or getting additional insights.

Native Ads

Native Ads - Target your affiliate marketing traffic with subtle paid ads.

Native advertising is an affiliate traffic drawing method where the ads mimic the look and feel of the web page or social media feed they are on. Unlike Google display ads or banners, this type of ad does not look like paid ads. On the contrary, they blend in with the other advertorial elements on the page.

They may even pop up as recommendations on social media platforms, and that is one of the few telltale signs of them being paid or sponsored content rather than organic. Native ads are clearly sponsored, but rather than stick out in an aggressive manner, they simply look like a part of the page. This aspect can assist you, the affiliate marketer, in avoiding scaring off potential clients with creatives that may seem deceptive with overly bright colors or other overpowering elements.


Telegram - Perhaps one of the biggest social platforms worldwide - and for good reason.

Last but not least is Telegram, which offers a more personal way to approach your target audience. You can choose between having a channel where you are the only one posting messages or creating a group where everyone can participate in the discussion. The latter will also allow you to answer questions, which could lead to better conversion rates over time.

By creating a community on Telegram, you can also share links to your blog or website and send offers and online trading tips or live signals within the group. You can make the group open to the public to get as much affiliate traffic as possible or private per your choosing and add as many members as you like. The digital marketing world truly becomes your oyster when you run a group like this one.

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