5 Key Stages in Your Affiliate Business’ Client Journey 5 Key Stages in Your Affiliate Business’ Client Journey

5 Key Stages in Your Affiliate Business’ Client Journey

Get your affiliate marketing business on the map by navigating through your users’ client journey with our guide!

One of the most important things you will need to do as a digital marketer is to figure out the key points through which your affiliate marketing leads make their way onto becoming your loyal, paying clients. While many new marketers and fake gurus will have you believe digital marketing success will be yours overnight with zero efforts on your part, actual affiliates know hard work and dedication are the name of the game.

From your social media platforms to different parts of your website, the possibilities of converting a lead into a deposited client are practically limitless. So, you need to ensure that your content and offers are hitting the mark every step of the way.

Get our experts’ best tips and tricks for each stage of your client journey below!

Scrubbing the Pier

 Make sure your affiliate website is up to par in every aspect.

First, and perhaps one of the most critical stops on our journey, is none other than your website’s homepage. Above the fold is the place where you need to have your affiliate business’ core message – loud and clear. This place is also a great spot to showcase any exciting offers you may have at the moment, as this will be the first thing your leads will come across.

Your potential clients should have a clear idea of the type of offer or business you are promoting and the key selling points they could enjoy by subscribing to your platform. Whether you are running a blog with new articles every day or providing a service, your homepage should leave very little to the imagination.

Getting social with the Landlubbers

Connect with your target audience via social media platforms.

Next up are your social media platforms, where your connection with your target audience becomes even more up close and personal. In addition, popular social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have enormous crowds of active users (around 4 billion just in 2020!), so your accounts can make a huge difference in your performance at any phase of your business.

Other than exposure and raising awareness of your business, social media is a great place to promote your regular and special offers on a consistent basis. This is a highly effective method that both increases your affiliate business’ lead generation and keeps your existing clients on their toes. Romancing your affiliate marketing leads does not end the minute they subscribe.

“While many new marketers and fake gurus will have you believe digital marketing success will be yours overnight with zero efforts on your part, actual affiliates know hard work and dedication are the name of the game.”

Land Ahoy!

Give your audience as much information as possible in your bigger creatives.

Landing pages, native advertorials, and other content-based creatives also play a significant role in keeping your relationship with your target audience healthy. These creatives are more inclined toward giving your preferred clientele the information they need to join your services before ever coming to your website.

The question is, are you providing them with the right kind of information? Your content should not merely convince your target audience that joining your services is the right choice but educate them on why this is the correct thing to do. The reason is quite simple: Most Google and Facebook ads, for example, will draw your affiliate marketing leads into these pages, so it is in your best interest to have your best key selling points right there.

X marks the Spot

Hit the spot every time by getting feedback from your leads.

Another major milestone on this journey is your clients’ feedback. You can easily fine-tune your content or visuals by asking your visitors what they would like to see or think could be improved. Building polls on Facebook and your website are as easy as 1,2,3.

The most obvious benefit of this phase is getting written feedback regarding your affiliate business’ materials outside of your campaigns’ performance. Sure, the results always speak for themselves, but why stop yourself from producing even better ads in the future?

Similar to a focus group in retail marketing, the polls serve the purpose of easily connecting with real affiliate marketing leads. You could potentially increase your website and campaigns’ overall lead generation by getting their honest input.

You have reached Your Destination

In conclusion, every part of your client journey is your ticket to better conversion rates.

After considering all the aspects above, we can safely say that we have covered most, if not all, of the key points through which your leads make their way onto your various platforms – especially your main website if you have one.

As an affiliate marketer, it is your job to make sure every entry point available to your potential clients is up to par in order to deliver the desired results. More relevant affiliate leads are coming in and, consequently, more verified conversions for those coveted commissions. As a result, you can expect more business opportunities with brands given your high performance.

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